Electrical what speed sensor eletrical wire is for?

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89 speed control.jpg
1989 was the first year for 50 state mas air, if it's not there you may have other problems, you sure this is an original V8 car?
I know you said it is a GT but that stuff can be added, look behind the passenger kick panel, what computer is it?
What else is hacked on this car?
not sure if it the factory engine i will look the computer tomorrow. bought the car last years and he run great but there little thing i try to understand like why there no mass air flow and why the vss wire are cut
It should be only for the speedo and cruise control in 1989
It was later I believe that they used it for the trans
I have a schematic, not sure where all the wires go
I will look

It was only used for cruise for 86-88 on the speed density ECU's

For 89-93, the ECU does monitor the VSS. On the wiring diagram you posed you can see wire 150 and 563 go to the ECU. Usually when the VSS is bad or disconnected on these models, the car will stall when coming to a stop or hand an idle surge when slowing.