Electrical Car not recharging !!!!!


New Member
Aug 11, 2019
MUSTANG GT 1995 5.0 automatic
Yes I’ve seen a lot of similar problems being posted but mine is insane and can not fix the problem!!!

This all happened not too long ago as soon as I stopped on the first red light after exiting freeway my car died, before any of this happened I had previously fixed my throttle body sensor and idle air control valve not sure if this has to do with the problem but let me just throw that info in just in case.

I got the car towed the battery light was on obviously and soon after I tried to fix the problem. I had the battery recharged, went through 2 different (new) alternators, replaced the fusible link from alternator to fuse box to a 4 gauge, checked all grounds and the issue is still there. All Interior and exterior lights will turn on except for the radio, car turns on as well but voltage will drop from 10 to red line mark and then dies couple minutes after. I’m not sure what else to check and any suggestions will help. Thank you !!! Currently without a car since this is my daily driver.
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