1. 8

    Blowing pip sensor

    Recently picked up an 87 lx 5 speed 5.0 drove it 3 times and the pip stopped working so I replaced the distributor with a new one the car started no problem went for a drive for maybe 5 mins then it died and the pip isn’t working again Any ideas why the pip keeps going and how to fix it ? Thanks
  2. mansour.aref

    Fox The build - 4eyed Fox - Stoppie Montoya

    00 Hello everyone, some of you have already seen some pics of Stoppie Montoya, my 80 Ghia Mustang that has a 302/347 under the hood. I have been driving the car since I bought it in March, intermittently (once a week), and stopped driving it for most of June and July, and now I am back driving...
  3. D

    Motor swap

    My ‘91 mustang 5.0 has seen better days. With the motor needing a new top end and the transmission having a burnt up torque converter and no overdrive gear. My buddy had a motor and tranny sitting at his shop that came out of an ‘02 F150 Harley Davidson Edition pickup with the 5.4L with...
  4. S

    Motor Mounts

    So I recently got my engine rebuilt and when I was installing my clutch i noticed one of the motor mounts looked a little worn down. I don't know if it needs replacement so I came here to get some advice. Does this motor mount look like it needs replacing?
  5. G

    Just sharing my almond coupe

  6. 9

    Southern OC mustang owners!

    So I've been searching through Craigslist and Facebook marketplace and so on for some decent seats for my 1990 mustang that I'm building as a daily! And I'm in a pickle where this became my only car and I've been really putting in my hours to get this car done and this would be one big hoop for...
  7. A

    1987 408 Stroker comperssion

    Hey all, Sorry if this isn't the correct area to post this, as this is more engine specific than it is vehicle specific. though you could say that i plan on dropping this into my 97' fox and that i want some help on the motor for it. otherwise, i couldn't for the life of me find an...
  8. E

    Engine Swap Questions: 1982 Into 1993

    Hello. I have a 1993 Mustang, but it is a 4-cyl. I am planning to swap a V8 into it. I see a pretty good deal for a 1982 5.0, and now I am wondering if there would be any significant difficulties swapping the whole engine and drivetrain from the '82 to the '93. Wiring issues? Any issues at all?