1. J

    Paint and Body 1992 GT - gt tail lights "cheese grater" cover

    i want to tint my stock gt tail lights but i need to remove the covers first, how do i remove it without ruining it so i can put it back on after? and how do i put it back on?
  2. T

    Forced Induction Prep

    Looking for a list of components I should beef up before installing a turbo or supercharger. i.e. top end kits, rotating assembly kits, and any links or specs on how big the pistons need to be, bore, dish/flat, size of cams, etc. Thank you.
  3. G

    For Sale $$$ 2012 GRABBER BLUE GT 5.O FOR SALE $$$

  4. J

    Electrical 1992 gt horn not working

    just got my fox, horn not working and im not sure why, if its the fuse can somebody tell me where and how to fix it? otherwise I guess gotta get new horns
  5. OneSick99GT

    Need help indentifying

    Can you guys help me out and let me know if a 99 Mustang Gt has the fllowing and where would they be located. Thanks. ECT Sensor Act Sensor PCV VSS Sensor Still learning about the different parts on my mustang and how to identify them to troubleshoot issues. thanks.
  6. OneSick99GT

    1999 Mustang Gt Biggest Tires She Can Fit

    Hey Guys/Gals, I'm looking to buy some tires for my Mustang Gt. I'm looking to pick up some Mickey Thompson's but want to know the widest tire I can fit on it. Im debating between 305's and 295's or 285's. I have a lot of work done to it and need some opinions from others on suggestions...
  7. H

    Mustang running rough

    Hey guys, I drive a '98 mustang gt convertible, we swapped the motor out for an '03 v8. It has roughly 140,000 miles on the engine. In the past month it has started running real rough and my dad and I can't figure out the problem. When I first crank it and drive it it will be okay for about 10...
  8. B

    95 Mustang GT power loss RPM issue

    Hi. I'm new to this forum. I have a problem with my car after numerous attempts to fix the issue to no avail. My 95 Mustang GT has had this ongoing issue for a long time. Pedal has this sort of vibrating feel when pressed cruise or load. Car bogs and sounds loud and not going anywhere past...
  9. M

    Please help!! Engine tick in the new edge Mustang GT

    So I bought my car six months ago and it’s been running and driving great. It’s 2000 new edge Mustang GT. About a month and a half ago (roughly) it randomly started an obnoxious ticking noise. I’ve found this is a common problem among my model of stang. I’ve run seafoam, done a motor flush and...
  10. Calcul0n

    Driveline resistance with 2001 Cobra IRS

    I have a 1993 GT, and I have been going through the steps of an IRS swap over the past several months, and finally drove the car about 1 mile. The problem now is that there seems to be quite a lot of driveline resistance. I have thoroughly cleaned out the diff and have fresh diff oil in there. I...
  11. J

    2010 gt threw a code saying both banks 02 sensors lean conditions . Car dies

    My 2010 gt has 45000 miles on her with frpp hot rod cams , frpp injectors , stock manifolds and cats, muffler delete and jlt CAI. It’s a 5 speed manual. Today it was running fine and the cel came on I pooped into oreilly and they scanned it and said both o2 banks were lean condition but it...
  12. RaggedGT

    SN95 Steering And Suspension

    Another random thought/realization thread from me :) ‘95 GT-currently awaiting a transmission rebuild (long story-but in process.) Motor is coming out in a couple of weekends for a refresh. I got to thinking about all the squeaks and creaks the car made when it actually drove/and the power...
  13. 8

    83 Gt Engine Wiring Harness?

    I bought this car last month and im in the process of getting it back on the road, and the wiring for the engine is all cooked and cracked and im wondering where to go to find a replacement? Figured id ask before i went ahead and remade it from scratch.
  14. E

    Gt And V6 Transmissions

    My friend has a 1996 Mustang GT that he wants to LS swap (he's a sinner) later this summer, and I want to do a V8 swap in my car which is a 1998 Mustang V6. He said he'd sell it to me for $850, but I was wondering if I also needed to buy his transmission from him or if the two cars use the same...
  15. J

    Should I Buy The Fox??

    Hey y’all, I’m looking for some advice on buying a 1990 Foxbody GT hatchback. I’m needing a car to go to my college and back everyday, which is a 62 mile drive round trip mostly on the interstate. I’m wary of buying such an old car to drive that distance daily, but the car I’m looking at...
  16. D

    Expired $3,733 2008 Mustang Gt 4.6l V8 In San Pedro, Ca

    Mechanic’s special. This has been a great car. California Registration paid through Nov 2018 but won’t pass California smog. We think it needs plugs, coils, O2 sensors, and maybe catalytic converters to clear the codes. It’s a fast car, runs well, just needs some work by someone out there who...
  17. S

    98 Mustang Gt

    Hey everyone got a pretty stock 98 gt and was wondering how much hp I could expect from bbk long tubes and a bbk off-road h pipe? Especially given that the stock midpipe has like 4 or 6 cats
  18. M

    1989 4 Cyl Manual To 5.0 With 1993 5.0 Manual Donor Car

    Hi, So I have a 1989 4 cylinder notchback manual that I will be converting to a 5.0 using a 1993 5.0 manual donor car. My question is what is the best way to tackle down the wiring with this situation. I know that 89 and 93 mustangs have very different wiring diagrams and pcms. Also since they...
  19. Street Renegade

    Video Of My New Exhaust

    Cold start, regular driving, aggressive driving, WOT, etc... Let me know what you guys think! View:
  20. D

    Expired 1993 Mustang Gt Low Mileage

    17,500 OBO 1993 Mustang GT Supercharged 347 Stroker 30,000 original miles Tremec TKO Too much to list Extremely clean Call 2108571622 in San Antonio tx