1. J

    Looking To Tune The Gt

    hey guys, I have recently modified my car since i have purchased it i believe back in Jan of this year. List of modifications done to the car 2002 Mustang GT 173k exedy stage 1 clutch SR Performance CAI 70MM BBK throttle body 75MM Professional Products Plenum (is it normal to hear a whistle do...
  2. ursixx

    Shifter Knob Swap?? .aode

    I don't like the knob on the GT. or better said the fact that the O/D button is off to the side. The billet versions that are sold don't appeal to me either . So have been Googling found this Ford Flex shifter knob And an install mod looks like should work . Any thought or others that have...
  3. CL 5.slow

    SOLD Nc 1987 Mustang Gt $8000

    This is my foxbody with 90,000 original miles. I hate to sell it but it's not getting driven as much as it deserves. That's mainly due to it just being an extra car that I don't need right now especially with school starting back. There are quite a few new parts that have been put on it recently...
  4. V

    Fox Need Help Finding A Car

    Back Story, her husband was a Marine with PTSD and took his life. Here is the Facebook post. If anyone knows the car, please reach out to me or have the owner reach out.
  5. S

    Expired Brand New 05-10 Gt Pype Bomb Axle Backs

    Selling my brand new pype bombs. Had them delivered on 8/18, installed them on 8/19, started the car up and realized I didn't like the sound so I immediately took them off and went back to stock (I know, boring!) I tried to return them back to from where I bought them, but they would not take...
  6. 9

    Engine Chug-a-lugs And Some Dtcs

    Hi guys and gals. I am a few months into owning this 1994 Mustang Gt Convertible 5spd with 87K on the clock and I'm having nothing but issues. I'll give the backstory and then the current issue. When I first bought the car back in April I believe, I did an ignition system tune-up. Dizzy cap and...
  7. StangGod95

    1995 Mustang Gt , Tranny Lags?

    So I have a 95 GT (automatic) and whenever I floor it, the transmission doesn't release the gear when its supposed to, and when it does i get a terrible jerk, or it only changes the gear when I release the gas. Its completely stock except for a cold air intake. Spark plugs, spark plug wires and...
  8. ConnorM37

    2000 Gt Engine Swap- In Progress

    Greetings everybody. Im new here and my mechanical experience is not very extensive. I have a nice 2000 gt that I love and it needs an engine swap. I feel like I know my car well enough though to work on it myself. I was close to selling it but I couldn't let a car like this slip out of my...
  9. a_WoIf

    Expired 87 Gt Convertible, Minneapolis

    Asking Price: $5,200 - Negotiable! Location:: Minneapolis, MN Title: Clean Odometer: 114,000 1987 Mustang GT 5.0 Liter V8 5 Speed Manual Convertible VIN: 1FABP45E7HF227278 Can send more photos upon request! Now, onto the good stuff. You're looking at a beautiful, wonderful, 5 Speed fountain...
  10. A

    Stripping 88 Gt Wiring Harness. Help Please!

    So I have an 88 GT that is going to be a track only car and I want to strip the wiring "back to basics" essentially. What I really want to know is what I need to keep on my harness for the car to run and drive and do all that good stuff. I want to do a switch panel ignition and I am probably...
  11. S

    New Here 1991 Gt 5.0

    Hi All, First I'd like to thank Admin. for allowing me to join! My Stang...1991 GT 5.0.... Stock bottom end Trick Flow Track Heat Heads, E303 Cam, Performance Plus Typhoon Intake, C&L 76mm mass air w/h 65mm Ford Racing Throttle Body, Cold air intake with K&N cone filter in fender well, stock...
  12. Mooney35

    Electrical Problems 2004 Mustang Gt

    Hi all, my 2002 Mustang GT has been giving me some problems recently. Within the last two weeks I repainted my front fenders myself, but while I had been painting them the car was out of cover and got rained on. I didn't think much of it at first but then I realized my CCRM (Constant Control...
  13. Sunset on the Swedish prarie

    Sunset on the Swedish prarie

    94 GT 5.0
  14. N

    High Hanging Rpm Issues(2004 Gt)

    Disclaimer: I spent extensive time reading all posts I could find similar to this issue (I know about the infamous 4.6 hang issue) and replacing what I could, but still to no avail. Also a MASSIVE thank you to all the folks here that helped me get this far just from lurking and reading the...
  15. CMD2561

    Pressure Plate Fingers Crunching Sound!

    Hello everyone! Just joined and I have a crazy question! I have a 95 GT. I recently had a new clutch plate, pressure plate, fly wheel, and clutch cable installed. When the car is cold and I press in the clutch and then release everything is fine. However as soon as the car gets hot and I...
  16. M

    02 Gt Won't Start After Motor And Transmission Swap

    Hey all, I did a motor and transmission swap in a 2002 GT automatic car. I installed a 2004 Cobra motor and T-56 transmission. I used the GT wiring and had a chip programmed and added it to the factory computer. I got everything wired up and the car wouldn't even turn over. I ran direct power...
  17. MealeyGT12

    Engine Dreaded Coyote Tick Fixed!!!

    Hey everyone, So as you can probably guess from my title I had one of the dreaded coyote ticks in my '12 GT . I had opened up my driver's side valve cover half a dozen times and even replaced some of the lifters but to no avail. Before we begin on the repair that eventually fixed it let me...
  18. M

    Misfire Hesitation And Popping Sounds

    Hey, so I have a 2003 mustang gt and I seem to have problems with it starting up and running. So first off the car runs but it hesitates and misfires. So I'll have the car in 2nd gear and I'm cruising at say 2200rpm and then I floor it and it just starts to spit a chug and pop sometimes. Also it...
  19. 1986oxfordwhite

    1986 Gt Runs For About 45 Mins Dies, Cools And Restarts Again?

    I have a 1986 mustang gt 5 speed and recently it has been starting fine and running great for about 45 mins to and hour then all of the sudden it will completely die, after I let it sit for a few minutes it usually starts right back up dies again a few miles later then starts again? If anyone...
  20. Pinkcloud

    91 Fox Gt Map Light

    Hello I have a 91 GT with factory sunroof and would like to replace the swivel map light , are there any lights that are easily adaptable or drop in ? Not digging the snake light at all :/ Thanks