1. M

    no spark or fuel pump priming swap ecu

    I bought a pimpxs second hand. I sent to them everything came back good. Im having problems. I had my a9p ecu in it everything worked till it started leaking and then not fuel pump. I got the pimpxs and everything. Check the jumpers there all in the right places. But when I install it in the...
  2. nelzfoxes

    What's it Worth? 1993 Royal Blue LX hatchback

    I have asked this before but I figure I'll ask again in this forum. I have a mostly original 1993 LX in need of rust repair and restoration. The car has 185,000 miles and needs quite a bit of work. It is an original 5.0, 5 speed car. The original Royal Blue paint is faded. It is numbers...
  3. M

    Electrical 1989 mustang 5.0 runs rich and stumbles in closed loop

    So I recently converted my 1989 4 cyl to a 5.0 using all the correct engine harnesses from a 1989 car. The ECU I'm running is the A3M out of a 93 car. So the car starts right up no problem. After let's say 60 seconds of idling the car from what I think goes in to closed loop and once it does it...
  4. N

    For Sale 1993 LX Hatchback

    Super clean 93 with 43,900 miles on the clock. You really need to see it to appreciate it. The only modifications are an aftermarket radio, flowmasters and a 6 speed T56. Here is the story.......I just purchased the car with the intent of having a perfect foxbody that I could do minor mods and...
  5. LarsD

    What's it Worth? Whats my 91 Hatch worth roughly?

    91 Hatch, about 150K miles, OK paint and body. 347, Tremec TKO 600, mildly built 8.8, Bullitt brakes, tons of stuff done to it. I have it listed for $9K right now with the expectation to go lower, but have had no bites. South Texas area if it matters.
  6. J

    Interior and Upholstery 1992 GT - Trunk release switch

    trunk release doesnt work, is there any way i can try fixing it or do i just have to get a new trunk release switch kit?
  7. T

    For Sale 1989 4cyl hatch rebuild 5-speed $1600 or best offer

    car guru listing:https://cargur.us/q0cf2 white 4 cyl hatch, rebuild, 5 speed has about 4000k miles on motor has an oil leak. car does run has lots of new parts, a/c lots of receipts mostly from o'reillys. rear seat delete saint george Utah 84790 1600$ or best offer
  8. G

    SOLD 1987 Mustang GT

    Miles -- 53,166 original miles on the body Inspected (everything works) Asking $11,500 Location: Harrisburg, Pennsylvania Call or Text 717-9seven9-zero6two6 Exterior -- Dark Gray (Titanium lower accent) Interior - Smoke Gray Cloth Condition: Paint -- Good condition; Interior -- Very good -- no...
  9. 1990 Mustang LX 2.3

    1990 Mustang LX 2.3

    My 1990 Mustang LX.
  10. F

    Interior and Upholstery 1989 GT Good Old Fashioned Hatch Issue

    Hello everyone, I'm new to the site, so I apologize if I made some rookie mistakes in posting for the first time. Anyway, I'm having trouble shutting the hatch on my 89 5.0.; I recently replaced the hatch weatherstripping as well as the strut arms that hold up the hatch. I decided to upgrade my...
  11. FordDawg88

    Interior and Upholstery 1985 Mustang LX hatchback trim question

    Does anyone know where I can get the rear hatchback interior trim panels for my car? I have the side panels where the rear speakers go but I cannot find the panels that connect to them. None of the local salvage yards have anything and I’m trying to restore this car to factory looking specs. I...
  12. J

    Should I Buy The Fox??

    Hey y’all, I’m looking for some advice on buying a 1990 Foxbody GT hatchback. I’m needing a car to go to my college and back everyday, which is a 62 mile drive round trip mostly on the interstate. I’m wary of buying such an old car to drive that distance daily, but the car I’m looking at...
  13. M

    1989 4 Cyl Manual To 5.0 With 1993 5.0 Manual Donor Car

    Hi, So I have a 1989 4 cylinder notchback manual that I will be converting to a 5.0 using a 1993 5.0 manual donor car. My question is what is the best way to tackle down the wiring with this situation. I know that 89 and 93 mustangs have very different wiring diagrams and pcms. Also since they...
  14. Nutty 5.o

    SOLD 1990 Mustang Lx 5.0 W/5 Speed Hatch Very Nice/clean Dark Titanium In Pa

    1990 Mustang LX Hatch 5.0 with original 5 speed: 90000 miles with clean and clear title in hand. This is an original 5.0/5 speed car. The car drives perfect and solid with no driveability issues that some head/cam/intake cars are plagued with. It is rust free throughout and factory undercoated...
  15. Denethor

    For Sale [for Sale] 1990 Mustang Lx / 331 Stroker / 67k / Lots Of Upgrades

    Car is located in Durham, NC Asking $9,000 1990 Mustang LX, hatchback, red exterior, grey cloth interior, v8, manual trans. Very clean, adult Non smoker owned and driven. This is a 27+ year old car, it has small dings , scratches, minor faded paint etc. Never wrecked, all original panels except...
  16. J

    Efi 363 Build

    I have a 87 gt Hatchback that has a stock 93 motor and trans in it. I`m purchasing a bare block 363 and im just looking at a few suggestions for build ideas (ex. cam,heads...) as well as trans combo, goal is 600-700 rwhp
  17. TheSeed

    More 1982 Drama..

    Okay stangnet, someone on here has to have, or know someone who has an '82. I'm looking for the answer can i put later 80s taillights on my 82? Like 86. Also anyone know where i can get a clutch for the 4 speed.
  18. Accelerator

    Expired Custom Speaker Setup! Box Molded To Fit 5.0 Hatchback

    Custom Speaker setup! Box molded to fit 5.0 hatchback Four 10" W3 JL Audio duel voice coil with 1000 Watt Sound Stream amp currently wired in series at 4 ohm . which is easier on speakers will last a long time. has Good clean sound, Custom Sealed Band pass Box with thick Plexiglass, amp...
  19. Mustang Odometer Gear Repair/Fix Kit Install - 94-98 - Lifetime Warranty!

    Mustang Odometer Gear Repair/Fix Kit Install - 94-98 - Lifetime Warranty!

    Get Your 94-98 Mustang Odometer Gear Repair Kit Here: http://www.latemodelrestoration.com/item/LRS-17255OG/94-98-Mustang-Odometer-Repair-Gear-Kit Product: 1994-98 Mustang Odometer Gear Repair Kit Fits: Mustang V6 GT Cobra Year Models: 1994 (94) 1995 (95) 1996 (96) 1997 (97) 1998 (98) LRS Part...