1. merc123

    Engine Intermittent Power Loss Wot

    I've had an intermittent power loss issue at wide open throttle and I'm stuck. I can get car rolling and put into second (1500-1600 RPMs) and stomp it. It will hesitate and stumble a little (normalish) and then accelerate hard like normal. Then you can feel the loss of power all of a sudden...
  2. A

    2002 Mustang Gt Misfire Help Please

    Hi All, I have a 2002 Ford Mustang that I bought a few months ago. It has been running great, haven't done much of anything to the car. I travel for work, and before I left two weeks ago, it was running very well. I get back, and drive to the gas station, and she throws a P0304 and P0316...
  3. B

    Help! 99 Gt Intermittently Misfiring

    i have a 99 GT auto vert with about 125k miles. i bought the car in december of last year for dirt cheap (thing was leaking coolant bad, among other things). since then it's pretty much been a continuous project as it is my daily driver. I've been able to tackle most issues with it, but now i'm...
  4. C

    Chasing Misfire Afte Intake Manifold Gasket

    I have a 1998 3.8 V6 and I recently replaced the lower intake manifold gasket because it blew up and coolant was getting into the oil. Anyways, Fixed that, replaced plugs, Replaced injector o rings, changed the thermostat, flushed both system, Cleaned the MAF, the whole nine yards. Now, I've...
  5. Clint426

    Engine Misfire And Carbon Fouling Plug On Cyl. 4

    Been trying to figure out a carbon fouling plug issue mainly on #4 and a bit on #8. All other plugs look fine. First will fill everyone in on what the engine is. Block: 408w (351w stroker) Heads: AFR 220 Intake: Super Vic EFI Cam: Compcams XFI 248 hr Ecu: PiMP (microsqirt basically) I'll stop...
  6. D

    Header Pipe Near #6 & #7 Plugs Very Hot, Melting Stuff & Plug 7 Erratic Timing

    Hey guys, My #6/7 spark plug area seems to be getting rather hot at idle, and it gets hot quickly. First noticed it the other day when I was pulling my spark plug wires to check resistances. My #6 boot and wire were melted bad (see pic). I have since put thermal boot covers over the boots, but...
  7. T

    Engine Engine Ticking :(

    Okay so my motor just started ticking a couple of weeks ago. my car randomly misfires and it kinda sounds like a lifter.. could a lifter cause the misfire? View: https://youtu.be/hosxpSF8eJc
  8. BrittanyxMariex

    2006 Gt Blinking Check Engine Light

    Hi guys. So, over the last few weeks my 2006 mustang gt seems to be bogging out when I accelerate. It only does this when my RPMs are low. At high speeds, the car drives great. It kind of bogs out and sputters for a few seconds so I let my foot off the gas and then hit the gas again and the car...
  9. J

    Idle Only With Full Choke?

    Hey everyone, in need of a little advice. My engine was running fine (maybe a little too rich) until I swapped the spark plugs. All of a sudden the engine starts misfiring and running terribly even after i checked the gaps. I watched the mechanic down the street tweak the carb a little and he...
  10. F

    Major Break Up Issue

    Hey guys I'm in need of some serious help. I have an 88 Gt hatch with a fully built 306 and I'm having some major ignition issues. For some reason my car breaks up terribly after 2k. It use to do this at 5500 but now its gotten much worse. When it breaks up its pretty violent it shakes the car...