Idle Only With Full Choke?

Jared Zecchel

New Member
Oct 20, 2015
Hey everyone, in need of a little advice.

My engine was running fine (maybe a little too rich) until I swapped the spark plugs. All of a sudden the engine starts misfiring and running terribly even after i checked the gaps.

I watched the mechanic down the street tweak the carb a little and he seemed to set everything strait.

Maybe a week later it starts running crappy again. I took it back and he said that the engine was flooding and to rebuild/buy a new carb.

Now it wont idle unless the choke is fully on which makes me think that the engine isn't flooding but rather it has a vacuum leak.

I rebuilt the carb to be on the safe side but still nothing.
I tried the WD40/Carb cleaner spray trick but still nada.

I pumped a bit of smoke in there and there seemed to be a pinhole leak by the opening for the throttle rod but not enough that i would suspect it to make such a drastic difference in the car's performance.

Any idea's?
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If it is a automatic check the vacuum line to the modulator on the trans it may have a split the rubber line of even off .
Check it at the back of the carb. also . Also check for a missing rubber nipple that should be capping off an un used vacuum port .

Jared Zecchel

New Member
Oct 20, 2015
Vacuum lines are fine. Just replaced them.
All signs point to a fuel delivery problem.
Apparently I didn't clean the jets as well as I thought.
Took it out and did a whole new number on them and now she idles nicely.

Vacuum is 20Hg's idling but 15 when I slip it in gear.
Is it normal to drop so significantly?
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