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  1. P

    Pitman Arm Swap

    I'm a returning member from years ago. I received inforation from a member at that time on a manual to power steering conversion on a 1965 Falcon. I know this a Mustang-specific discussion board, but the correct part was a Mustang part #. So now, I am removing a manual steering system from a...
  2. QuickFox86

    Engine ‘86 GT power steering pump not moving fluid

    Hey guys, so I have a problem with the power steering pump not moving fluid on my ‘86 GT. The pump had been sitting on the shelf for a while because I was in the process of building an engine for the car. The pump worked when I pulled it off the car, but after I got the engine in and installed...
  3. W

    How to bleed power steering correctly?

    02 Mustang GT, 155k TLDR; Perpetual power steering whine when at idle and especially when braking and turning. Had a bad brake fluid leak that ended with no brake pressure at all. Replaced caliper and line and bled system and that fixed that and the pedal felt normal. However, as soon as I...
  4. E

    Suspension Power Steering Hydraulic Transfer Line Sizes?

    I’ve got a 93 GT. Hydraulic transfer line is leaking power steering fluid. I think it’s letting air in the system too. Anyone know the sizes for the hydraulic transfer lines? There’s two of them and I need the sizes for all 4 ends so I can just replace all of them with braided hose.
  5. V

    Suspension New Power Steering Rack Options - 1990 GT

    I've had my white beauty for a while now... a 1990 Mustang GT convertible.. she's mainly stock except for the Koni suspensions.. which I installed nearly a decade ago but I feel it needs to be changed. Does anyone know how long do they really last, besides the lifetime guarantee they provide...
  6. S

    Suspension V8 power steering rack on 4 cylinder LX

    My power steering rack is puking fluid from the boots. I'm planning on doing a V8 swap but need to be able to get around with the current 2.3 liter for a while. If I replace the current rack with a V8 model will that create other issues? I appreciate any guidance.
  7. T

    Questions about power steering delete!! Need help!!

    Ok so I have a 01 mustang gt that I’ve done a ac delete on and I’m wanting to do get rid of the ps as well. It’s not a daily. The car will be trailered so I don’t care about not having the ps. I know I have to switch to manual breaks which I am in the process of doing. But my question is. Do I...
  8. 5

    Powersteering Pump replacement gone wrong

    So here's what happened. I bought a new (re manufactured) power steering pump for my 87 mustang, because there was a bit a clanking noise at idle and a rattling noise at high rpm. I then noticed the shaft of the pump seemed loose where there was a lot of play back and fourth. Before even putting...
  9. T

    2008 Mustang Gt - No Steering at High RPM

    I have a 2008 Mustang GT that has been turned into an SCCA T3 Racecar. Took it to it's first test day, and first session the car ran flawlessly. Second session, the car developed a power steering issue at high RPM. Anything below ~4800RPM, and the power steering works fine. Anything above...
  10. D

    1998 3.8L Power steering huge issues

    Hi there, thanks for taking the time to read this. I am currently a member on V6Mustangs.com forums, and I am branching out to try and get some answers to what I think is a really strange problem. TL:DR ENTIRE new power steering system (pump, lines, rack&pinion, inner/outer tie rods) and...
  11. O

    Adjusting Steering Gear Box.

    Hey guys, I was wondering if someone could give me a straight "how to do" on adjusting my gear box. The steering isn't terrible but it's a little loose and has been the 7 years I've had the car. I can literally drive it with one finger with little to no effort. Is the power steering suppose to...
  12. CWSpartan

    Just Replaced Faulty Power Steering Pump... Created More Problems

    Hey guys over the weekend I replaced my failing power steering pump on my 2004 gt 5 speed. The pump I installed is a remanufactured part from autozone. When I put it on I drained the fluid from the system, replaced it with merc 5 ATF and turned the wheels lock to lock to get all of the air out...
  13. plantmeister

    Car Shudders When Turning Wheel

    Hello all! I'm back! Hurricane Irma threw me off and I just got my mustang back yesterday. So anyway, here's the deal: When I'm pulling in/backing out of a parking space, or at very low speeds when I turn the wheel to basically any tight turn (both left or right), the car shudders bad. It...
  14. T

    Power Steering Pulley Bolt Size?!?

    I can't seem to find the bolt that holds the power steering pump pulley on. Anyone know the exact size? Looks like theres got to be a washer also
  15. T

    Fox Water Pump / Power Steering

    Hey everyone, new to the site. I'm having a problem with a proform electric water pump I bought. I took everything off (idle pully, power steering pump, and alternator) went to put the new electric water pump; the power steering/ alternator didn't fit back in its original position. Has anyone...
  16. CWSpartan

    2004 Gt Power Steering Does Not Work (occasionally). Help?

    Hi guys I just picked up a 2004 mustang gt 5 speed last week. I've noticed that sometimes the power steering just does not work. For example, I was backing out of a tight space in a parking garage last night and it was just extremely difficult to move the wheel. But when I started it up this...
  17. J

    C-iii Steering Pump Upgrade

    For some reason my original thread was deleted, so I am revising it as my DIY and mod section. Hopefully it will stay long enough for members to enjoy. Subject, C-III pump to C-II components with mods. So far I have modded my C-II bracket for clearance of the pressure valve and pressure line...
  18. A

    Powersteering Rack Upgrade Questions!

    My car is wondering on the road and I have a steering wheel vibration at around 45-60 mph. The steering in general is just terrible. The passenger side wheel when jacked up has about an inch movement left and right. The tie rod end appears to be tight. The steering rack however is moving back...
  19. Nathaniel Donnelly

    Audrey's Plan

    Hey all! Wanted to get some input regarding my plan for my '67 vert. Right now it has the original 289 bored out to a 302 with a 2-barrel carb and C4. Obviously, I want to keep the engine, but I'm thinking about putting a crate motor in there that will push between 350-400 horses. I also...