Suspension New Power Steering Rack Options - 1990 GT


Sep 2, 2020
I've had my white beauty for a while now... a 1990 Mustang GT convertible.. she's mainly stock except for the Koni suspensions.. which I installed nearly a decade ago but I feel it needs to be changed. Does anyone know how long do they really last, besides the lifetime guarantee they provide.

I'm mainly reaching out for some advise on the steering rack.

I need to replace the steering rack as parts of it have gone rusted. I've looked at Rock Auto and my options are limited to Reman racks or a new one. From what I've read on threads here.. a reman is not worth it. More so, I live in Dubai.. and having it shipped is going to cost me a fortune so I don't want to end up with something which won't last long.. or I have to return.
I thought about upgrading it to SN95 kit.. but its really expensive. So my current and only economical option is..

BBB INDUSTRIES N1010106 {#19320245} Info - USD 203
Power Steering; w/o Performance Suspension (Ford Design) w/ 2 Piece Mounting Bushing

RA has one with performance suspensions.. but I'm not sure if this would fit in my car without any mods. More so, its twice the price.. and I don't even know how much of a difference it would make.

BBB INDUSTRIES N1010111 Info - USD 422
Power Steering; w/ Performance Suspension (Only 1 Remaining)

On another note.. RA does not mention whether the rack comes with the bellow, busing seal kit... etc.. pardon my ignorance.. I believe I only need to get the outer tie rods myself and there is a huge selection to chose from.

I'd be truly grateful for any advise, feedback and or recommendation on the BBB industries steering rack or alternatives.. what else I should get along with the steering rack to avoid using the old parts and if there are any specific outer tie rods I should order.

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