Pitman Arm Swap


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Apr 13, 2021
Plum Boro, PA
I'm a returning member from years ago. I received inforation from a member at that time on a manual to power steering conversion on a 1965 Falcon. I know this a Mustang-specific discussion board, but the correct part was a Mustang part #.
So now, I am removing a manual steering system from a 1964 V8 car with a complete p/s system from a 1964 V8 Falcon. However, the p/s pitman arm is too small to fit the manual steering box sector shaft. Both pitman arms (manual & power steering) are the type that slip over the tie rod stud.
The solution was a Mustang part number with a bigger sector shaft end with a slip on end for the tie rod stud.
I just can't remember what the (1967 ?) Mustang part number was. Can you help me out?
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1967(late)+ have the 1 1/8" sector shaft boxes and are 2-piece. 1967(early) and before have the 1" sector shaft. Those ones have the box and steering column shaft as one piece. The 1 1/8" sector shaft pitman arm for the late 67+ box comes in 2 versions...one for manual steering and one for power steering....I can't remember which arm you need offhand if using a 1 1/8" box