1. Alldegree

    Resolved Question about Matt Farah’s Foxbody

    Greetings ladies and gentlemen, it’s been too long! I was watching this video of Matt Farah’s car and he mentioned that the Ford Performance crate engine he had in it was making 350 HP with a mild cam, Mac headers, a set of GT40X cylinder heads, and an explorer intake. I looked on Ford’s...
  2. H

    How to get rid of "flash-to-pass" delay on 2016 S550 LED Headlights

    So, the 2015-17 S550s come stock with HID headlights, which are known to have a delay while flashing to pass AKA pulling the stalk towards yourself to quickly turn on the brights. The sequence is somewhat like: stalk pulled....delay...brights on for 1 It's just not instant. This is...
  3. opihinalu

    What is this thing?

    What are these things? Sorry for the vague question I don't know much about cars. As you can see the first image is right above the place where you add oil. The second image is on the passenger side in the very top closest to the window. The mysterious item in the second image seems to be broken...
  4. B

    T5 bellhousing

    Hi, new here. I've been looking at doing a T5 transmission swap from my current C4 transmission. The t5 I'm looking at is from 1993 and comes with the bellhousing. I'm just wondering if the bolt pattern on that 93 bellhousing will match/mate directly with the 1971 302 engine or would it require...
  5. L

    Will Different Sized Tires Work?

    Forgive me if this is the wrong spot, it's my first post! I'm looking at getting 305/45/18 nt555r's in the rear and 275/40/19 nt555's in the front of my 2014 5.0. I know that if tire sizes vary too much it can throw off traction control, are these tires close enough to run without issue? (I...
  6. T

    Buying My First Mustang - Lots Of Questions

    Hello everyone. I will most likely be buying a Mustang Ecoboost within the next 12 months once the negative equity on my current 370Z Nismo is paid down. This is the first time I am considering a Ford product as I usually switch between GM and Nissan products, but am really loving what Ford has...
  7. kbmustangGT89

    Engine 89 Mustang Gt Engine Question

    So I just bought my first car not to long ago it is a 89 mustang GT. Right away i have bin modifying it with plans of restoring and upgrading in the future. I put a 70 mm TB on and it still has the stock EGR Spacer i will be getting a 70mm spacer when i have the money. After that i started...
  8. S

    1965 Mustang Carpet Kit (coupe Vs. Fastback)

    QUESTION: If I have a carpet kit for a 1965 Mustang Fastback, can I make it work in a Coupe? I'm on a super tight budget and a friend gave me a carpet kit but its for a fastback and I have a coupe...Can I make this fit or will it be completely off? Thanks guys