Will Different Sized Tires Work?

Legacy 5.0

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Oct 11, 2017
Forgive me if this is the wrong spot, it's my first post!

I'm looking at getting 305/45/18 nt555r's in the rear and 275/40/19 nt555's in the front of my 2014 5.0. I know that if tire sizes vary too much it can throw off traction control, are these tires close enough to run without issue?
(I want the 19 front to fit big brembos)
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My car came from Ford with 255/40-19s up front with a diameter of 26.85" and 285/35s in the rear with a outside diameter 27.03" I know its only a small difference, but still they are different and if it were an issue Ford wouldn't sell the car that way.
Plus there are plenty of guys with 305/35s on the rear with no issues and they are much taller that the stock fronts,
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