1. R

    1995 Mustang power window does not work.

    Hey you all i am new in this forum but it has helped me a lot in the past. I just bought an SN95 convertible a couple of day's ago. I already got a 2000 hardtop mustang but with this new SN95 that i got none of the windows work. Either turn down or up. I tried checking the fuses but with...
  2. M

    PCM change for tranny swap? '94 V6

    Hi all! Long time stalker, first-time poster. I am going to be putting my 94 V6 under the knife and converting the blown AODE to a T5. My question is do I need to have the PCM reprogramed/ swapped completely to accommodate the manual? If so, any thoughts about FS1... I've heard good things.
  3. ryansgts

    2000 gt e85 conversion?

    So I’ve been looking into e85 conversions for my 2000 mustang gt with almost no luck. I’ve see. Dyno numbers and a bunch of conflicting info but that’s about it. Some say just fill it up with e85 and tune it, some say I need a bigger fuel pump, injectors, switch to braided lines, and a tune. Is...
  4. D

    95 mustang 5.0 no crank no start, went thru checklist..

    Hey everybody I have a problem with my car not cranking over. It started last fall when I was pulling it into storage I got at the end and it cut off.. I didn’t think much of it since it was where it needed to be and left..came back a couple weeks later to start it and no start. I pulled codes...
  5. beyondEOD

    SN95 94-95 Microsquirt Pinouts

    Does anyone have the Pinouts for the Microsquirt to 94-95 SN95 EEC Harness? It would greatly help me figure out how they are interfacing and working with/around the CCRM. (Specifically the AC WOT Cut and AC Control Circuit)
  6. B

    Spotting the difference between 95 5.0 gt and 5.0 cobra

    So I've had my car since I was 14 (it's coming up on 5 years later) it's a 1995 5.0 anyways before I knew anything about the mechanics of cars I had a guy that worked on my car for me (a few other people too) but they have all told me I have a 5.0 cobra not just the normal 5.0 GT I was curious...
  7. beyondEOD

    Fuel Pressure Sensor with Megasquirt

    Anyone running an electronic fuel pressure sensor with your megasquirt. I'm looking to add on on my 95. What is your setup?
  8. beyondEOD

    94-95 Mustang 5.0 AODE MS3 Gold Box w/ Microsquirt

    Alright here is is. I now have an EFI Source 86-93 MS3 Gold Box with the Microsquirt to run the AODE. Build Details: 1995 Mustang AODE GT40p Heads Anderson B-31 Cam 218/228 109ICL 112LSA Explorer Intake 65mm TB, SN95 MAF, Stock Airbox, K&N Filter BBK Shorties VRS Catted X Ford BB302 30lb...
  9. beyondEOD


    Used Moates QuarterHorse, works perfectly. Comes with remote USB terminal and regular usb tuning cable. Works on 2004 and older Ford EEC computers. $190 shipped lower 48. Highland, Indiana
  10. beyondEOD

    94-95 Mustang GT Auto Dual Microsquirt ECUs

    Hello, I am looking down the road of MS EMS. I'm trying to determine what makes since for my budget. First the build details: SBE, GT40P Heads and Intake Andersen B31 Cam 30# injectors, stock SN MAF BBK shorties, VRS Catted X AODE Trans (4r70w in works) PTC 3300 Stall 4.10 Gear EGR/Smog...
  11. Hollywood_Vae

    Sn95 351w swap

    im going to swap a 351 in my sn95 it’s a complete motor and trans comes with it im thinking all it need is drop motor mounts and offset bushing for the steering rack and I’d be able to use my exhaust set up? Help me figure out what else I need to do.
  12. C

    For Sale Moser 8.8 Complete Rear End

    I have a brand new Moser 8.8 rear end for sale. Comes with...... 35 spline Axles Strange Spool big bearing ford flange bearing kit and had the entire housing powder coated semi-gloss black.\ Widened 2.5" over stock to 56" flange to flange. 3.55:1 gears. Currently unassembled, but I can...
  13. J

    Cobra wheels

    I’m new to the Mustang world. I purchased a 98 Cobra last fall. I’m considering selling my wheels for a new set. Any advice on where to post? I put them on Atlanta Craigslist, but the ad is drowned out by all the other parts ads.
  14. 94Vortechcobra

    Connecting Wideband to Megasquirt PNP2

    Ok so I’m finally looking into wiring my AEM Failsafe wideband into my megasquirt pnp2 on my supercharged 94 Cobra. When I got the car it had no O2 sensors period so I decided to install a wideband and after installing I noticed my AFR at idle is in the 11’s which is too rich unless it’s just in...
  15. Levi.Productions

    1996 Mustang GT Build (Ew to New)

    Figured I should start a thread for my mustang project. We start our adventure last summer, when I had gotten my licence a few months ago. I had been given my grandpas old honda pilot (mainly for insurance purposes I normally drive my dad's truck) and was given the ok from my parents to sell the...
  16. G

    Sn95 coilovers

    So I just ordered a set of cheap coilovers for my mustang. They’re the maxpeeding rods which are known to be the cheapest coilovers on the market. I was wondering if I would be able to fit a nicer set of lowering springs onto these struts to make a half decent suspension and decrease the...
  17. 9

    Saleen wheels

    I have a set of real saleen wheels 18 x 8.5 all around made by speedline in Italy dose anyone know what they would be worth looking to sell
  18. J

    SN95 doin it anyway! Mustang ii suspension

    Okay so i have a 1994 mustang gt the car was a 5.0 with a t5. About 6 years ago my dad took the car to a childhood friend to have it built with a 393 stoker 9inch rear end and have the whole front suspension done. Well at the time in our friends life he was just turning 70 and 2 years in had...
  19. G

    What’s this transmission part called?

    There’s a 1 5/8 inch hole under my transmission near the oil pan and I need to find a stopper to seal it. Can someone help me find it??
  20. G

    Sn95 won’t start

    I’ve got a 96 gt that will crank but not start. I’ve already checked for spark and it’s getting spark. I’ve checked the fuel pump and it works fine. I even checked to see if the fuel rail was getting fuel and it is. I also tested the crank positioning sensor and it’s working as it should. The...