1. M

    SN95 Car modifications with Nationwide Insurance?

    (1994 V6 mustang, stock) For starters, I'm a young adult (ie. with a job, but still on the rest of the family's insurance), with a clean record, living in CA, with liability only insurance. I keep looking it up, and keep finding people talking about insuring their modifications, but not...
  2. M

    Engine 97 GT Convertible will crank but wont start not getting fuel

    I have my 97 GT with a brand new fuel pump and the RCM. The crank with no start issue has come and go for a couple months bur now its dead. It will start if I put starting fluid down the throttle body so I know it has spark. I'm really stumped and do not know what to check now. I've tried...
  3. D

    98 mustang gt auto to manual conv

    This weekend I plan on swapping my automatic 98 mustang gt to manual. I bought a 99 parts car and took the everything I need except for the computer off of it. that being said I have to use my auto computer (different model). I know I need to get a tune or ecm flash but would I be okay driving...
  4. B

    high stall converter on 94 gt

    Hey guys! I have a stock 1994 GT 5.0 convertible - Automatic trans I recently had the rear end rebuilt, went from the stock 327 to a 373 Yukon performance with a locker. I've thought about quite a few different mods but figured gears were the best place to start, not quite ready for heads...
  5. G

    Pilot Bearing Will Not Come Out

    So I am on leave for Christmas currently and have to return to base by the 4th. I figured it would be a great time to change my throw out bearing and clutch since the bearing was making a lot the infamous squeaking noise. I got everything apart and out all the way down to the pilot bearing. I...
  6. 0

    Where does this short (5-6 inch) wire go?

    Does this look like a ground? 2003 mustang GT. Replaced intake and now reverse lights,speedo, and blower motor is out. Could this have something to do with it? The wire is only about 5-6 inches long and literally nowhere to plug up. Any ideas?
  7. 95fiveoooh

    95 351w wont start

    I did a 351 swap into my 95, with the swap I change to the fox body throttle body, I'm trying to get the car to start, it just over, I'm getting fuel to the rails, I'm getting spark from to the plugs, but the plugs still look new like they are not trying to ignite. any suggestions would be...
  8. P

    TB just replaced, still have knocking sound.

    I had just finished replacing the TB, pilot bearing, rear main seal, clutch, etc. On my 96 cobra because of a knocking sound whenever the clutch pedal was all the way out. After about 30-40 mins of driving to test it out, the same exact knocking sound is back. Im pretty sure I replaced it...
  9. P

    Help please!! 4.6 4v black box!!

    I own a 96 Cobra, and I am having huge trouble with the hoses coming from the CAI to the valve cover, and the hose from the CAI to the IAC. The one going to the valve cover doesnt fit properly causing a vacuum leak, and I cant find the hose anywhere!! Its like it doesnt exist. Then the second...
  10. Noobz347

    Video = Swapping a Fresh 5.0 Coyote into My Old Mustang (Lessons Learned)

    I thought this was pretty good. It certainly answers a lot of the questions that I see in threads these days. View:
  11. J

    5.4 2v N/A Swap Intake Build

    I'm looking into 3d printing a 5.4 2v manifold for a 5.4 2v swap. The reason I am looking into this is because I would love to do a 5.4 2v swap but from what I've gathered, there are 3 problems related to the intake with that swap. You can use the 4.6 intake with adapter plates, but your fuel...
  12. D

    ECU and Wiring for a foxbody swap

    Help appreciated! I am hopefully nearing the end of swapping a 98 cobra engine and manual transmission in to my 92 foxbody. My friend that was heading up the wiring has been m.i.a. for a while so I have decided to re do the wiring. I'm not getting any spark while trying to start the car up and...
  13. Mad Mod

    Dual Blade TB on a 2v

    I've been hunting for the most cost effective plenum option for a 2v. My major concern was that I'd like to not spend the money on an aftermarket plenum for a Pi/stock intake manifold as I will be using a Victor Jr in the future and I refuse to choke out the 4150 flange with a mmr adapter...
  14. 0

    Help putting a combo around TFS 170 heads.

    Got a 1994 gt, gonna have the bottom end rebuilt and balanced with new pistons, rings, bearings, etc.. and bored to a 306. I'm sold on the Trick Flow 170 twisted wedge heads unless i can find some reviews about the enforcer heads AFR rolled out. I'm trying to build a mostly street car. Hot...
  15. Nick81

    SN95 Help*** 94 mustang gt 5.0l rebuild

    Hey im new to the forum i seen a lot of helpful questions and answers here so i figure id give this a try hopefully you guys can help me find something i over looked I rebuilt the motor on my sn95 everything on the car worked before the the rebuild and now it will just crank over Im not...
  16. D

    96 GT On3 turbo kit part suggestions

    So I plan on putting the On3 turbo on my gt and I am trying to get 400hp on it. I was wondering what parts I would need to get or that would be smart to get. I already know that the stock rods and pistons tend to go out around 400-450hp and I plan on buying them but I don't know what sizing...
  17. N

    Mustang tumbler gets stuck in certain positions

    Hey, so i have recently bought a 2004 mustang gt and when i turn the key to start the car, it gets stuck in the start position. It takes a good amount of effort to get it to the on position. It also gets stuck after turning the car off, while holding the release its difficult to turn the key to...
  18. M

    Coyote Swap

    I own a 2004 V6 mustang and am looking to do a coyote swap. I’m a student but working and willing to pay for the parts and labor. My plan is to buy a salvaged/wrecked 2011 gt, swap as much as i can from there and buy whatever else I need. I’ve priced everything out around 13k as i’ve already...
  19. D

    Progress Thread 2003 mustang gt Rebuild

    Hey mustang owners, pretty new to this community. Recently got a 2003 gt manual and it’s a pretty decent car I have been plans for it from a engine swap all the way to the suspension but that takes time and money so one step at a time. i got the car when it had a spun bearing and 2 bent rods...
  20. 9

    For Sale For Sale - 1996 Mystic - #1985/2000

    Up for sale is my 1996 Mystic Cobra. It is build #1985 out of 2000. I have all documentation that it is a mystic, including letters from Ford and SVT verifying. I also have the original window sticker as well. (A copy of the window sticker is shown but I have the actual one framed). Location...