1. 96nickSn95

    Runs Fine But Idles Low When In Drive

    So just adjusted the TPS in my 1996 mustang 4.6L V8. It's pretty much stock, just replaced some minor parts with OEM equivalent parts (like maf sensor and IAC and such). The biggest after market part I have bolted on is a Dorman intake manifold for NPI heads. Now the other day my stang died on...
  2. J

    Need Help

    I'm 15 yrs old & just bought a fox body convertible, I'm want to know if a 94-04 mustang spoiler can fit on my fox
  3. T

    Ac Coming Out Defrost Vent

    Whenever i turn my air on, it only works coming out of the defrost vent regardless of where it's set. I've read up and found a common source to be a vacuum leak. My mechanic looked at it this morning and said that if it was a vacuum leak he would be able to hear it and the engine would run...
  4. 84Ttop

    Expired 97 Cobra Air Bag

    97 Cobra Air Bag for sale 150$ obo Located in Mullica Hill, NJ 08062 Will ship or can meet for local pick up Air bag only, steering wheel not included
  5. S

    Engine Trick Flow Twisted Wedge Heads, Stage 2 Cam, 1.7 Roller Rockers, Will It Work?

    Will a set of twisted wedge heads with 1.7RRs that I got for free and a stage 2 track max cam work without PtV problems. Another question. With a JLT cai, stock manifold (gonna get one later) 70mm throttle body, headers, and a flowmaster exhaust, What size injectors will I need with this stuff...
  6. NRB Auto

    01 Gt Cold Start Idle Fluctuation?

    I have a 2001 GT, NOT ALWAYS but usually only in direct morning under "cold start" conditions I will get a high idle of 1,600RPMS. Now and then if you put it in gear it will drop RPMS and die out. If you restart the mustang right away idle will return to normal. If not about every 30 seconds or...
  7. B

    Expired Raxiom Smoked 3rd Brake Light, Nib, $60

    I received two brake lights as a gift, I only need one! As described this Raxiom smoked 3rd brake light is "new in the box", it has never been installed. Local pickup in Wheaton, Illinois(Western Suburbs of Chicago) or I will ship to your location, splitting the shipping 50/50. This is $75...
  8. FiveOhSwap98

    Planning On Doing A 4.6, Or 5.0 Swap! Need Tips :)

    Hey y'all! I'm new to this forum, so bare with me. I recently bought a 98' Mustang V6, and it's head gasket blew. I was driving around the block, and the temperature gauge went to the red line. When I got home to my backyard, I popped the hood and there was a bunch of coolant that had been...
  9. Mustang Lowering Springs Install - SVE Springs & Caster Camber Plates (79-04)

    Mustang Lowering Springs Install - SVE Springs & Caster Camber Plates (79-04)

    Need more information on how to lower your Mustang? Click here: Adding a set of lowering springs to any Mustang is a must! Not only do you get the benefits of better handling but you also get rid of that 4x4...
  10. Mustang Coyote Swap Road Racing @ TWS - Latemodel Restoration

    Mustang Coyote Swap Road Racing @ TWS - Latemodel Restoration

    Want more information about this Coyote Swap Mustang? Click Here: Watch as the Latemodel Restoration Mustang Coyote Swap chases down Porsches, BMWs, Honda S200 and more at Texas World Speedway. Project Coyote Swap...
  11. Mustang's & Friends Car Cruise

    Mustang's & Friends Car Cruise

    a little get together thrown together last minute and couldn't have turned out any better was good to us, so we took the best of it...hope you enjoy! this was film by professionals on a closed coarse in mexico..thank you and good day thanks for watching thanks to...