1. J

    dead spot (loose) in center of steering wheel

    Today while driving a dead spot has developed in the center of my steering wheel mid-drive. My steering has had no issues whatsoever for the entirety of the time that I've owned this car (1999 Mustang GT). There's about a 1-2 inch dead zone in the steering where my wheel can turn but there is no...
  2. K

    Steering hard at shallow angles

    Hi all, I've been lurking here for a while, but this is my first post. The forum has been a great place for information! I picked up a neglected 2003 GT from a friend and am bringing it back to road life. It is coming along nicely, but the steering is very stiff when first trying to make a...
  3. 603mustangs

    Electrical Airbags

    Is it possible to swap OEM steering wheels? I'd prefer the air bag one and actually have it function. If it doesn't, I'd still prefer that one of the two even if it's non functional.
  4. H

    Restromod Steering

    I have been thinking of a new project; a 1970 notch back. The one I am looking at is a rolling chassis. Most of the steering is missing. What would be involved in putting in the whole steering system from the rack & pinion to steering wheel from a 2005 or newer Mustang? Is it even possible?
  5. A

    Suspension Fox steering rack leaking need help

    HELP I have a 1992 5.0 and am now on my 3rd steering rack. I installed an sn95 steering rack this time into my foxbody with a MM hybrid adjustable steering shaft. Just my luck, this rack is also leaking like my last one although its leaking at the top where the steering shaft attaches to the...
  6. tdziub85

    1973 Mustang Fastback Steering

    I've been working on my 1973 Mustang for a couple of years just slowly getting it back in good shape while still driving it and enjoying it as much as possible. I have a nagging issue in my steering that I just can't seem to find. When I am driving down the road I noticed when the steering wheel...
  7. 2

    2015 GT - Popping noise backing up or going forward from stop & sharp turn

    Hello all, my 2015 GT - 50K miles has a popping noise backing up or going forward from stop & sharp turn. It is coming from the front end and I feel like passenger front. I've been all over the front end tightening bolts and have had no luck locating any issues. All the joints are tight. It's...
  8. C

    Re-install steering column

    I had to move my steering rack forward to install new control arms and now I cannot slide the column back into the rack. Any help? I did align it and try to slide it over but would not move.This is as far as i can go before hitting the imprint.
  9. B

    Steering issues

    So my 01 bullitt is experiencing some steering issues, there is about a half inch to an inch of play in the wheel only when turning it to the left, no issues when turning right. No wobble or noises at speed. I’m thinking it’s maybe a tie rod or steering shaft. If anyone could help me figure out...
  10. D

    Suspension S197 Clunking/rattling sound when accelerating and turning right?

    Alright I have been chasing the cause of this noise since I got the car 5 years ago. The noise started showing up when I would be turning right with the car in 3rd gear at about 1800rpm. If I were to push the clutch in, the noise would go away. If I revved the engine to ~1800 rpm in neutral...
  11. T

    2008 Mustang Gt - No Steering at High RPM

    I have a 2008 Mustang GT that has been turned into an SCCA T3 Racecar. Took it to it's first test day, and first session the car ran flawlessly. Second session, the car developed a power steering issue at high RPM. Anything below ~4800RPM, and the power steering works fine. Anything above...
  12. Ian Ranchero

    Steering all over the place

    OK folks I need help with this one. My 67 ranchero hace lots of new bushings etc on the front end by the PO. Above 45 miles per hours things get sketchy. steering seems tight but the wheels go left or right slightly like the wheels are coming off but they arnt. s it too much castor? need some...
  13. M

    1998 Mustang GT sloppy / delayed steering

    I have a 1998 Mustang GT with 105,000 miles and I do not feel play in the steering wheel but when I am up to speed and going around turns and move my steering wheel to left or right it feels like it has a delay. I steer to go that direction then its a delayed response like the wheel needs to...
  14. MoDriver

    SOLD 94-04 Black Leather Mustang Cobra Steering Wheel Oem

    [SOLD] Listed is the leather wrapped black steering wheel that I had in my 98 Mustang Cobra. Should fit 94-04 SN95/"New Edge" Mustangs this is a great steering wheel! This is currently located in Springfield, VA (22152) and I am asking $160/obo This includes: 1998 Cobra Steering Wheel OEM SN95...
  15. RaggedGT

    SN95 Steering And Suspension

    Another random thought/realization thread from me :) ‘95 GT-currently awaiting a transmission rebuild (long story-but in process.) Motor is coming out in a couple of weekends for a refresh. I got to thinking about all the squeaks and creaks the car made when it actually drove/and the power...
  16. S

    '95 Gt Manual Steering Conversion

    I am swapping a 393w into my '95 GT and I have some problems with my current steering set up.. the power steering pump off of my 5.0 is leaking pretty bad, the boots on my factory rack are shot, and I would have to buy a FRPP bracket to put my power steering pump onto my Windsor block. What do...
  17. B

    Mustang Creaking Noise

    So there is a bad creaking sound when steering at low speeds, it usually starts when after driving the car for a while or when it is very hot. I had the ball joints replaced because they were bad and the mechanic said the noise was coming from the tie rod end which was also replaced but did not...
  18. S

    Stiff Power Steering

    I have systematically replaced power steering components on my 3.9L V6 after a burnt fluid smell resulting from running fluid level too low. I found that a groaning pump was a result of air entering the system . After inspecting the system, I noticed that the rack was was wet on the drivers side...
  19. R

    2000 Mustang Power Steering Leak?

    Think i have a powersteering leak... also if it helps the metal line has some play when i move it
  20. utemachine

    Tilt Wheel Is Collapsing/breaking

    I've owned my second fox body for 2 weeks now and live in the search and archives of this site. I can't however find anything on my issues. 89 Saleen with tilt wheel. Anytime you use the wheel to get in our out it collapses out of its current position into the lower position. I've already...