t5 transmission

  1. J

    Electrical what speed sensor eletrical wire is for?

    hi . i have a 89 5.0 with no mass air flow sensor t5 and the electrical wire of my speed sensor is cut , what is the purpose of these wire? ty
  2. M

    Drivetrain Vibration In Every Gear T-5 Tremec!

    Okay, been chasing this issue for awhile, previous owner says its a rebuilt t5 with 5k miles on it. After driving it for a few months i was going about 50 dropped it to third and gave it hell. after that i had blown my coolant hose off and over heated. pulled over put it back on, took off and...
  3. G

    Drivetrain T5 Teardown Question

    Hey everyone, So the '90 LX 5.0 that I recently picked up had a whole hose of transmission issues with the T5 so I took it apart and have a few new questions. The symptoms were grinding going into every gear, with 1-2 being the worst and had to be perfectly rev-matched to let it into the gear...
  4. Q

    Foxbody T5 new clutch problem

    Hey guys, Kinda new to this forum but I have been restoring a 1984 Ford Mustang since November and I was in the final stages of just putting in a new clutch so the car would run smoothly and be able to handle any power we threw at it. After we installed the new clutch (Mcleod Stage 2), flywheel...
  5. D

    98 3.8L T5 transmission seal and bushing

    Fun T5 question for a 98 3.8L: Leaking out rear of transmission where yoke enters. I can find an output seal easy enough, but I believe there is going to be "bushing" or "bearing" around the splines that I'll need to replace. Wondering if it's something I can do without dropping transmission. I...
  6. 9

    Expired World Class T5

    World Class T5 for sale. Currently has a pro 5.0 shifter in it and an upgraded clutch however I cannot find any markings on the clutch. Transmission has about 10,000 miles on the rebuild. Located in Nolanville, TX. Asking $700.
  7. C

    What Can A Stock T5 Trans Handle?

    Hey guys I have a 1987 fox with cold air intake and flow master exhaust system(putting 3:73 gears in soon) I want to build this car and make around 320 - 350 hp to the wheels. Could the stock trans handle these numbers? The car has 83,000 original miles and the engine and trans are strong...
  8. PakstinN

    Fox Can I Run A Dr With My Stock T5?

    Hey boys. I know this topic has probably been beat to death but I have a quick question. I have been going to the strip a couple times lately and I am less than satisfied with the 60' times I've been getting. The car with gt40p's, explorer intake, xe270, LT's, offload H, 3.73s, tubular upper...
  9. R

    Drivetrain Swapping Input Shafts On T5

    I have a T5 out of a 2000 v6 that I am trying to modify for use in a '93. I ordered the '93 input shaft and it came with the bearing on it, but no outer race. When I pulled the longer original 2000 input shaft out, the bearing was much smaller on it, and the retainer and race from the old shaft...
  10. Ian Ranchero

    T5 Bellhousing Mod

    Hi Folks. I have a small issue I am needing advise on. I have a 67 ranchero with a 1990 5.0 HO and T5 trans. It is using the stock clutch linkage at the moment and this linkage has given me crazy issues. I ordered the cable clutch kit from CJ pony and I have notices that the small ear on the...