1. C

    Dyno/Tune Nebraska

    I recently moved to the western part of Nebraska and I need my mustang (08 GT) tuned/dyno'd. If anyone could suggest a place that'd be great.
  2. S

    Trouble with creating a megasquirt base tune

    Hello everyone, I have recently refreshed my 1997 mazda b2300 5.0 swap. I have added a vortech v1, gt40x heads, anderson b21 cam, gt40 intake that i have ported out, and anderson hi-rev valve springs, and ford performance 60lb injectors. I recently picked up a megasquirt ms2 to tune the truck...
  3. W

    347 EFI Low Power

    Hello everyone, I bought a built 347 stroker from an engine builder not too long ago and after getting it in and getting a Dyno tune I was upset with the power it made. I dynod 325 whp and 365 torque. The torque seems pretty good but being that I have and AOD that only puts me at 380-400 engine...
  4. N

    foxbody microsquirt no start

    I'm having some trouble with my new microsquirt install. Setup is a stock 302 with a mild cam (I'm guessing e303) and 1.7 rockers. I was able to get it running yesterday and it fired up several times no problem and ran very smoothly. I started messing with the idle and calibrated the tps, but...
  5. B

    Has my check engine light been tuned out? [2004 5spd GT]

    Hey, hope everyone is doing well. Got a couple questions that I've been trying to get answers for for awhile now. I own a 5spd '04 GT that I bought around 5 months ago. My Mustang does not have cats or a check engine light. Are there any codes that are thrown up that could indicate that my...
  6. BugsOli

    MicroSquirt-Engine starts, impossible to maintain idle

    Ok guys, I'm stumped and it might probably be a stupid error on my part but... long story short: tried to redo the timing on my MicroSquirt equipped 302 after changing the head gaskets and removing my EGR. I've set my engine to TDC, stabbed in the distributor, made sure that the pointer was set...
  7. S

    For Sale Innovate Motorsports LM-1 wideband oxygen sensor

    Innovate Motorsports LM-1 wideband oxygen sensor https://photos.app.goo.gl/NNWNNmxmdLP9n67m6 https://photos.app.goo.gl/zZgX3eewSv4rmwtx8 https://photos.app.goo.gl/xwJaHkBAEGu4s7i47 https://photos.app.goo.gl/9ThHeq8HoEZynj8i7 $270 Georgetown, TX This is a brand new, never-used tool. I bought...
  8. A

    Turbo Foxbody Idle Help

    Hello, Not entirely sure if this is where I should be posting but, I recently put in the Holley Terminator X Foxbody kit along with a Holley dual sync distributor in my 88' Turbo Foxbody. Everything has been running great so far but the idle. With closed loop, IAC and spark adjustment the...
  9. DudeStang

    Anyone install their own supercharger?

    I’m interested in adding some more power to my 2014 Mustang GT. A supercharger seems like the most obvious route. The car is pretty much stock aside from suspension upgrades and axle backs. I called a shop that has done a little bit of work on the car and they quoted me approximately $10k to do...
  10. T

    Looking for tuning help in Houston - w/ Tweecer

    Hello, I'm looking for a shop in Houston area who is good tuning with the stock EEC-IV (I have a Tweecer RT). I've got the tune in the ballpark (injectors, MAF, etc.) to drive it just fine, but looking for better tuning for driveability and power - good balance for regular street use...
  11. J

    MS3 Goldbox Spark cut limiter with TFI??

    Ok so before anyone goes "wheres your patients do a search please the info on tfi not working with spark cut is everywhere." Which is true. Lol But I have a ms3 goldbox from efi source on my 1986 mustang gt and the thing is spark cutting but in a strange way. 2 step setup I hit it and if you...
  12. 1

    SCT BA5000 MAF Transfer Function

    Hi, I have a 95 Mustang GT with an on3 turbo kit. I purchased a slot style SCT BA5000 MAF sensor to run in the car. The SCT tuning software I'm using is too dated and doesn't have the data for this chip. I have searched far and wide on insight to where I could find the transfer function for this...
  13. R

    ECU Tuning Help

    Hey all, I just picked up a '90 GT hatch 5 speed that needs an ECU but the problem I'm facing is the motor has a typhoon intake, GT40 heads, pistons, rods, Comp Custom Grind and an exhaust. I was wondering if I would be able to just get it to run off of a stock A9L or I would need to invest in...
  14. S

    Service Wanted Tuning

    Looking for a tuner that would be able to either street tune or dyno tune a 1994 sn95 5.0 in the south florida area. PM with any info you guys have. Have been looking for almost 2 months calling local shops with no luck.
  15. D

    Loaded Coyote Swap Tuning Question

    I just picked up a 1993 LX Coupe with a Gen 1 Sealed Coyote Swap. (NMRA style). The previous owner left what I assume is the stock manual control pack tune on, as he said he never had an X4 or NGauge. The car has Kooks 1 3/4 headers, JLT cold air, the SVE Coyote Swap fuel kit (Aeromotive 340lph...
  16. 1992 5.Slow GT

    Young owner of 1992 fox GT getting mild build, questions about tuning.

    Im looking at modding my bone stock 1992 mustang GT this winter which also happens to be my first car. Ive done my research and have a solid list of parts that should work together but one thing i havent looked into is the tuning portion. Will i need a tune to run a mild build (intake, cam...
  17. E

    I Need Information About Tunes

    I just recently bought a cold air intake from SR Performance for my 1998 V6 Mustang. It will add 14 horsepower and 15 torque. I am new to all this tuning stuff so I was wondering if I even need to get a tune, and if I do, where I can go to get a tune? If anybody knows some one in the Oklahoma...
  18. wiseguyk

    Forced Induction New Engine And Turbo - First Start Questions

    Hey guys, I've been working the last month on installing a fresh Ford Racing 306 and On3 70mm turbo kit (among other things like painting the engine bay and wire tucking haha) and am getting close to having everything buttoned up. I've tried searching the forums but having no luck finding any...
  19. C

    Downside Of High Compression Ratio

    Hello everyone. I came today with something odd. I own a 2003 v6 mustang (manual) and as i work on it something that shows constantly is the idea of tuning the car too a higher compression ratio to use high octane gas. This would give the car a little bit more of punch; however, there is always...
  20. M

    Bank 1 Rich Bank 2 Is Perfect

    So I'm getting my car tuned and for some reason I have one bank that runs rich. I just put in a used set of injectors and I've flipped the banks from one side to the other. Put in new plugs, flipped the coil packs, tested the MAF and it all did nothing and I'm stuck. Haven't done any compression...