‘02 V6 weird 1 knock sound at windshield

Hi guys, my ‘95 GT 5.0 was stolen 2 weeks ago, so I just bought an ‘02 V6 with a weird 1 knock sound. It happens at random, driving fast or slow. It sounds just like a rock hitting a windshield, but the sound comes from the area between the windshield and drivers window. I hear it every time I drive, sometimes once other times 2-3 during a trip. Anybody know what causes it? Or heard of it happening? Any help will be appreciated.
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Oh yeah BTW…. my ‘95 GT was found a week after I originally posted. The whole time I kept questioning ‘why can’t the cops find a purple with silver ghost flames’ check out the ‘before’ and ‘after’ stolen pix attached. The close up is more true to the real color (it was).


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