01 Cobra FR500 and MAC Prochamber dyno results


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Jun 30, 2003
Tioga Cty PA
Went to the Dyno this weekend after installation of the FR500 Catback and MAC Prochamber…Here are the Results

Stock my 01 put down 276RWHP and 281RWTQ
With the FR500 and Prochamber she laid down 297RWHP and 303RWTQ

I was very happy with the gains and surprised, gains were noted across the power band especially in the TQ department. RWTQ stayed above 300 from 4200 – 5100 peaking at 4900
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Thank god someone finally dynoed before and after a prochamber. I looked around forever tryin to find that info b4 I bought mine. I have the prochamber with 2 chamber flows, so I wonder if my #'s will be similar? I'll post results from my dyno in a couple of weeks!