'02 V6 Resonator?


Aug 20, 2004
Was under my car yesterday (had a slight problem with a leaky oil filter spewing oil all over my block and underbody, down my entire exhaust system) but anyway..... The exhasut comes down off the headers and goes into two seperate cylinders on each side. I assume the first egg shaped set are my cats.

Is the second elongated set resonators? If they are resonators and I take them off the car will be louder too right? :shrug:
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the 2nd set are not resonators, they're just pre-cats.Here in NJ i dont know how well that'll go over w/ inspection.Also it'll only be so loud on a stock exhaust system even though you've welded in a flowmaster 40. If you want it to be loud upgrade to a catback system and a mac catted midpipe. That way your still legal and sound good too.