03 Cobra lower a arms


May 19, 2007
So I was looking around the net and found these a arms that the guy said says are 99-04 cobra lower a arms and he is only asking $60 + $40 shipping. I know this is a good deal considering they usually go for 300 new now. Here's the pics he put up. Judging by the pics can someone tell me if these are the good ones that improve turning radius and wheel clearance?

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M-3075-D is the part number for the 03-04 Cobra a-arms. As far as I am aware, 99-02 Cobra a-arms are identical to the GT a-arms, it's only the 03 & 04 Cobras. There should be a part number on them somewhere.

If the bushings aren't damaged and the rubber boot on the ball joints isn't ripped, $60 is still a good deal for newer control arms. However, if yours are fine I would not replace them yet. The 03-04 a-arms have better bushings for less flex when cornering, and the ball joint is a "low-friction" version. The stamping is a bit better so you can turn about an extra 10% lock-to-lock. Also be aware that the 99-04 a-arms will add an extra 3/8" to your wheelbase. This may make one or both of your wheels stick out from under the fenders a bit.
Well right now my wheels up front are 18x9 and I heard by installing the cobra arms it will allow for the 9" wide wheels up front without hitting the control arm.