05 S/C GT Teksid swap???


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Jul 8, 2019
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Hey guys thanks for having me on the forum. my question is I have a 2005 Ford Mustang GT has the Edelbrock E force supercharger on it water to air intercooler, it has MSD coils, headers, Magnaflow, not sure if it's cammed or not. methanol injected roll cage, line lock, boxed frame, Eibach suspension, built trans, built rear end, sure there's more forgetting. but anyways I couldn't find methanol anywhere so I was running 100% isopropyl alcohol mixed with distilled water, and going up the Hill at 2500 RPM add predetonation and threw a rod through the block. so I bought a 97 Lincoln mark 8 with the intech 4.6l was going to pull the motor and swap. I guess my question to you guys is should I use my 3 valve heads with the VVT solenoids stock ecu on the Teksid block or should I try to use the 4valve heads new ECU to run the dual Cam sensors. but I'm not sure if my supercharger will Bolt on the 4 valve head. I would like a stronger rotating assembly so I don't have to do this again and I want to turn my supercharger up as high as it will go and having motor stay together. I will be using arp head studs as well as rod crank bolts. I know the blocks are said to be strong but how strong are internals on the teksid block? TIA
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Well the supercharger won't bolt to the 4V heads so that kinda sinks that idea from the start...

Otherwise, I have heard that the Teksid block is missing some mounting points that the 3V block has. Can't remember specifics, maybe for the timing cover? You'll have to do some digging on that one, I'm sure you can make it work but not sure what needs done.