06 Auto of the lot or order an 07 manual?


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May 1, 2005
Ok I have two stealerships in my area with Gt premium's in Tungsten w/ dk Chacoal interior both automatic's and some other minor options.
The last manual I drove was my 80 5.0 coupe since than all auto's.
Conveinence and my wife say pick up the automatic but that little voice in my head say's why get a gt if you can't shift it.

What's everyones oppinion on this as far as .
1 fun to drive
2 available now or in who know's when?
3 Maintance
4 TSB's or bugs.
5 General thought and ideas.

Thanks, Mike
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Get the stick

I had the same dilema when I bought my 06 GT. But I decided to go with the stick, because if there is a part of you that realy wants it then there is no worse feeling than regretting what you bought later on down the road. If you dont get the stick, you will always wish you did! And I am very happy with my decision.
That's kinda how I feel. but when there are 2 cars in the color and all other options you wan't not more than 10 miles from your house it's kinda hard to go through the whole ordering process.

This decission is making me mental.
Mine was an auto. I kept it that way for a year, then after the blower install, I did the tranny swap, actually the first auto to manual swap on an '05. I like the car twice as much now than when it was an auto. Take my advice, get what you like better or you will be sorry, I guarantee it. I will say the auto was the best auto I've ever owned, but I have so much more fun driving it now. It will be worth the wait, that is, if you think you'd prefer a manual trans. As far as your other questions go, the car is easy to work on, I've had no problems, even after dyno tuning up to 490rwhp on a mustang dyno. It handles very nice and I just love it!
Sorry- a Mustang GT should be a stick! Just my opinion.

I thought so too until I drove the new 06 with an auto. Plus I do too much stop and go traffic, well more stop and less go traffic driving. I LOVE MY NEW CAR. :rlaugh:
bigcat said:
get the one you really want, otherwise you will regret it later. look at the GT tech forum, there is a sticky with the TSBs listed.

I agree. You should get what you want because you're the one that will be driving it. I've driven Manuals and Autos, and I love them all. Personally, I bought an "Auto" (due to stop and go traffic) and LOVE it!!! The Auto is more fun to drive than people think; it shifts well and I love the ROAR of the engine when launching! :D
I use to love manuals. Now with arthritis and some other problems that come with age I really have no choice other than an automatic. A Mustang helps me feel young but my poor legs still feel it when it comes time to shift.
By the way, I'm 53. Not over the hill, but old enough to have to give up manual transmissions. The automatic is still fun. After all, it's a Mustang.
Deciding which one you want to buy is definitely nerve wracking, but all I can say is whichever one you choose don't regret it.
Go by your gut feeling.
Yes, you can get a GT now, but not exactly what you want. You have to ask yourself is an auto what I really want?
If no, then go order what you really want. Yes, you won't be able to sleep while waiting, but at least you'll know that you got what you really wanted. No regrets!
I was a dyed in the wool manual guy. Didn't want a car I couldn't shift for myself EVER. Drove a buddies 05 with an auto. Shifts were nice and clean, pretty darned tight. Ended up buying one. And I thought I was happy, then I got 4.10s in there and Doug's Freakin' magical tune. Shifts are like a jumbo kick in the ass. I guess If I was doing road course I'd opt for the stick and there are still times coming out of sweeping onramp I would love to have that level of driving involvement. But, I gotta tell you this thing is a blast to drive, shifts are faster than I could do them myself (since tune and gears).

Go with what makes you happy, but if you can hook up and go for a ride with someone with a lightly modded auto, you might find it more satisfying than you suspect. Eitherway I suspect you'll like the new stang, GREAT CARS.
i agree, go with your gut feeling. i had a '96 gt auto and always regretted not getting a manual. i just bought a '06 gt vert with a manual, and i love it :D

manuals get less on resale, but if you don't plan to sell it or you don't care about the (small) difference in resale value, then definitely get the manual if you enjoy changing your own gears :p
ecko51 said:
Thanks for everyones help. I'm gonna go down to the dealership again this weekend.

I just thought of something! I believe that you can rent an 05 or 06 Mustang GT, correct me if I'm wrong anyone, and they are mostly autos. So, if you want to see what an auto feels like, rent one for a day or two and drive it around. If you like it, then go for the auto and forget about the manual.

No regrets!!
Best of luck to you.
like he said ealrier, autos can be fun with the proper mods to go with it like gears, so i would take into consideration what you will use it for, wether it will be more enjoyable hitting the gears or not to get up to speed.