07 Shelby for sticker


New Member
Feb 21, 2006
I was at my dealer today to get my Skipper 500 replaced, and saw a new Shelby in the showroom. I was approached while snapping a few phone pics. He asked if I'd like to trade up, and I asked him what kind of deal I could get. He said, sorry, no deals...full sticker price.:jaw: It was all I could do to walk away!
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LOL! Good responses! I just called her and relayed all of the above. She told me to rest assured. Her jewely box doesn't have a key.

Yes, it was a GT500. Red w/white stripes. Every option available. Odometer had 6 miles. $45,6xx.

i think that the problem is this.....

MOST people are already convinced they cant get a GT500 for sticker. some dealers have these cars that most people *think* they cant get without markups. the willing customers are not coming to the dealership to even look at the GT500 because of the perception of getting ripped off with silly mark ups.