160 thermo....increased power????


New Member
Nov 23, 2004
I had a thermo fail on me yesterday and I saw the factory one had a 192 stock thermo. I remembered a that a few past issue's had a topic in regards to lower temps=more hp. So, they changed the thermo to a 160 in order to trick the EFI and always sending more fuel. Didn't try it yet but would this make sense?????
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i thought the thermostat just was a sensor that lets the water into the engine to cool it, once the engine temp reaches that of the thermostat, its just to keep the engine cooler, i doubt its gonna go faster or feel stronger, jst keeps it cooler..
Paul Perreca
Paul, that is somewhat true. the thing is that in this day and age, the computer and its sensors work hand in hand to determine what mixture to run. With a cooler stat, the car thinks it is 'warming up' rather than being at full operational temps.

your line of thinking does work much better for carb'd and/or non-puter controlled vehicles.

good luck.
160 degree thermostat is a trick from back in the early days of EEC IV. The 86-88 speed density cars didn't have a mass air meter to tell the computer that more air was flowing into the engine when you ported the intake & heads, installed headers, etc. So the cars would run lean at WOT. The 160 degree thermostat would keep the coolant temperature down so the EEC would richen the mixture.

You don't need those bandaids with the Mass Air cars. Stick with the 180 to 195.