1964 1/2 Restore - Help With Paint Choice - Looking For Opinions

Zac Womack

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Aug 23, 2013
Hello everyone-

I am in the middle of rebuilding my 64 1/2 Mustang. It was my first car in 1996 and I drove it until 2001, well I can now afford to rebuild it. It was originally white with red interior, but we painted it red in 1996. It looked good, but I am think about paining it a silver/gray/metallic type color and keeping the red interior for this restore. What would you recommend? I am on the fence and want to make a good choice. It's hard to go against red, but all red (interior & exterior) could be a little too much red. I value other Mustang owners opinions and would appreciate yours. Also, feel free to recommend other colors to go with the red interior. I don't mind black, but I think it would be very hot. Thanks. My goal is to have it ready for next April for the 50th Annivesary of the Mustang.

Pictured below is a picture of my car once we finished restoring it in 1996. I will try to post a picture of the silver/gray paint job I am considering as well.


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im going thru this same problem. I love red but ive seen alot of red/black/white mustangs. Blue is my wifes vote but im not totally sold. A minty green would look good- on mine. Yours, red interior, graphite would look pretty sweet, but so would a nice silver. I think black always looks good with a red interior...
there is a ford color that is a charcoal color and the paint code is UJ. There is a darker charcoal and the paint code is CX. Both of the colors are ford colors, if you want to keep it a ford color. In my opinion i would do white or black... I just dont think any other color looks good with red interior. But it is your car and you can do whatever you want. CX is usually the color of F-150 bumpers and UJ is on the new fusions and foucs'... Oh and UH is a nice black metallic that really looks good out in the sun. Just some options for you.