For Sale 1965 Mustang Barn Find - Super Low Miles - 289 A Code


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May 12, 2019
65 Ford Mustang – 289 A Code Car – True Barn Find

This is a real gem – a 65 a code car with unheard of low miles – 428 miles. This car has been in storage since the early 70s inside in a garage. Car was from the Washington DC area (but stored in Ohio where the owner had storage). The story behind it is a friend of mine bought it not long after it was bought by the original owner. Original owner couldn’t afford the payments due to a divorce and a friend of my friends got the car. My friend wanted some parts off of it for other Mustangs, but he offered him the whole car which he bought.
He customized the car and painted the car because he didn’t like the original color (P code Prarie Bronze). After he was done he put the car in storage. The interior he painted some of the panels to match the car and the seats were dyed black (original coded Palomino Vinyl). Car is optioned with lots of nice features: Power steering, power drum brakes and factory AC as well. He added some other things to the car including the rally pac gauges and the GT lights. Emblems were removed when it was painted.

Interior is perfect, dash headliner sun visors seats are near perfect (driver’s shows a crack on the seat bottom). Car is rust free and never wrecked. Only things updated on the car were normal tune up items and shocks. Also, the trans had leak stop added when it sat and then the trans had an issue and he rebuilt it.
The owner hasn’t found the title yet but is still looking for it. Has the original owner’s manual with it. Spare tire is in the trunk. Wheels and tires that are on the car do not come with it. It will include steel wheels with the tires (no good) that it was stored with. While the car will need some mechanical resto from sitting, this is an unbelievable find for a car and a great start for someone looking for an original 289 65 coupe. The lacquer paint does show some cracking (some chips on hood where the paint separated) from age but is very presentable.
Price $11k and located in Northern VA


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Car is a c code not an a code sorry for the confusion . Have some flexibility but won’t give the car away. If it doesn’t sell soon it goes into storage and I will get a title and raise the price accordingly
I would be very careful on this one. 428 miles, stored away for over 50 years, repainted, no title, divorce put the car into hiding.
Red Flag, Red Flag, Red Flag,
Without the title or documentation the car will always have problems. A true barn yes, find but a possible legal nightmare.
Just my opinion..
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Thanks for the concern. He had it titled and registered under his name the title is just missing right now. The car should have zero legal issues. I can even get pics from him of the car in the early 70s before it was in storage when he did all the paint and body work. Would love to find it a good home. If I wasn’t a Mopar guy I would be all over it myself. Willing to work a bit with a serious buyer. The car will come with a bill of sale.
I would be very careful on this one. 428 miles, stored away for over 50 years, repainted, no title, divorce put the car into hiding.
Red Flag, Red Flag, Red Flag,
Without the title or documentation the car will always have problems. A true barn yes, find but a possible legal nightmare.
Just my opinion..
Just in case you don't know, these cars only went up to 99,999 miles. So once you hit 100,000 all you would see would be zeros on the odometer. That means that unless you have a BUNCH of service documentation it is very hard to prove the car doesn't have 100, 428 miles or 200, 428 miles, etc. Since the car doesn't currently even have a title, is it safe to assume the other documentation proving the low miles to be original isn't around either?

Just my humble opinion, but I would say this car has at least a hundred thousand miles on it. It appears to have been around the block a few times. Generally cars that sit in garages all their lives don't need to be repainted as this one obviously has been. Cars that have never been in accidents usually don't need "bodywork" either. Just sayin'.

Not saying it won't be a nice car for someone, I'm sure it will be. Lots of good potential there.
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Thanks for your info. I've been wrenching on old cars for 25+ years. Fully aware of 5 digit odometer limitations and looked at plenty of 100k plus mile cars with all the signs of a car that has been down the road that long by both the interior and exterior tell tale signs. The whole car looks new underneath - there is no way it's flipped and the owner assured me mileage was accurate. Happy to show the car to anyone to look at and they can judge for themselves. Everything inside feels and looks new-not like a 100k mile car. The car was repainted to customize it, it's never been wrecked. As I stated the owner didn't like the color combo so he changed it to his likings.
Weren't the air cleaners and valve covers painted gold on the 65 289's? Ford did not start painting everything Ford Blue until 1966. Maybe I'm wrong and there is an exception. I wouldn't think that an engine with 428 miles on it would have been repainted.

Anyhow, it is a very nice car and I hope you find a new home for it soon.
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Thanks for the feedback. As I said the car was customized. I happened to be with the owner today and he confirmed he painted the motor when he customized it. He had a bunch of cars and none of them were stock looking he liked to be different. I have pics he showed me of the engine painted when he did the body and paint. It is not uncommon for cars to have engines pulled (these were easy enough to pull) when cars were painted.
Update, title and registration found. The mileage may be more than what I thought it was -don't have it yet from the owner but will update the thread once I verify the mileage. Since it has the title now, price updated to $9000.
Rather than post critical comments on what appears to be a mostly complete vintage car that could be very easily restored at what I would say is a really good price make the man a serious offer. I too was skeptical of the stated miles but kept it to myself because I am not in the market for another project and I will not comment on something unless it is blatantly apparent the seller is being untruthful.
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To bad about the mileage. It sucks to get super excited about something like that then get the rug jerked out from under you. I'm with General. The car looks good. Especially if it isn't eat up with rust. For someone looking for a good base for a project car I don't think they're going to find one much better. Great base and now that it isn't a super rare ultra low mile car someone can wrench on it without worrying to much. Good luck selling the car!
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