1966 289 build


New Member
Nov 25, 2021
Hey all, I’m looking at building the 289 in my 1966 mustang. I’m planning on using AFR 165 heads, with the upgraded 8605 spring package. I’m planning on using a hydraulic roller cam which I haven’t decided on yet. I’m going to pull the block and send it to a machine ship to freshen it up and balance the rotating assembly. I’ll put APR main bolts and rod bolts in the bottom as well. Along with this I’ll be installing a lightweight flywheel and full roller rocker arms. Right now I have a performer RPM intake and a edelbrock 550cfm carb. I’m planning on using the same intake and carb setup. Im unsure what to expect from this kind of a build, I would appreciate any insight or tips. I don’t plan on taking the motor over 7krpm often. Any recommendations for cam/lifters? Any ideas what hp/tq range this would get me? The car will mainly be a Sunday driver, with the occasional trip to the track. Thanks in advance!
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