Progress Thread 1966 6 cylinder clutch problems. Need help


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Oct 21, 2018
I bought a father son project. For my sons first car. The previous owner had the transmission bolted in but the clutch and shift linkage were not hooked up. When I went to hook it up I found that the rod that went from the throw out bearing lever to the linkage was about 2 inches short. I called him and he said he didn't know why that would be of course. So I got a few other things hooked up and went ahead and started it. I heard this clank clank clank like something in the clutch area was hitting something. I took the trans out and found no reason for the rod to be short and no signs of anything hitting anything. I haven't taken the clutch off the flywheel yet but it appears to be new. Anyone have any thoughts on why this would be happening?
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Charlie Cheap

Jun 5, 2018
Abilene, Texas
The best thing to do when having this problem is to remove the tranny/clutch/throw-out bearing/arm and check everything yourself before reinstalling it. Look inside the transmission for trouble and get the clutch-arm adjusted properly. A shop manual helps. My 65 SIX is an automatic but I had a 67 standard in 67. Better to pull everything now and save trouble later.