1969 short deck 351w stroker?


New Member
Dec 20, 2004
i have a 1969 short deck block, and also have a 383 stroker for that. I was wondering if i am going to have problems with my short deck height. what precautions need to be taken?


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What is the length of the rod, CH of the piston? What brand piston?

If the kit was made for a 9.50" deck the pistons will be out of the bore .020" which will not work.
ef200098 said:
i think they are going to be .05 out. can't i just go with a thicker gasket?
well if they were only .005 out you might be able to get away with just a thicker gasket....but they are going to be more than .005 out.....and you really dont want to reley on a gasket being the only thing from the piston pushing the heads off your engine!
.005" Maybe but I wouldn't do it.

.050" Not a chance!

You will want to set everthing in the block before assy anyway to check for rod bolt clearance to bottom of the bores, so you may as well just check it with a mockup. Good way to know for sure.