1970 Barn Find Questions

Hey all,

I had a 1970 Mustang fall into my lap recently. Long story short, got it from an old friend. This is a California car with almost no rust, and my friend had to get rid of it quick because he is moving to the east coast. He bought it back in 1986, and we assume it was from the original owner, and bone stock 100% original (except for the crap early 80's radio, amp, and speakers). My friend had it painted back in the early 90's, and since then he has only done regular maintenance. It was parked outside, rarely waxed or washed, so the CA sun did a number on the paint. It has the original 351 Cleveland 2V with either 140K or 240k miles on it, and it doesn't drip at all. Honestly, after a basic tune-up, I was shocked at the power. I did a 100 foot peg-leg peal with a big smile on my face!

I'm posting this because if you are anything like me, finding unmolested cars is f****ng awesome (although I'm not against cutting it up!!!). I'm a car guy who has been wrenching since I bought my 1st car when I was 13. I have a 2005 GT (that I bought new) as my daily driver, a 1965 coupe that I'm building with my son, and a 1963 Lincoln that I built from the ground up that is my toy. Generally speaking, I do all my own work because I don't trust anyone else...

With all that said, here I sit with this new found gem wondering what to do. I may just flip it and make a few quick bucks (DM me if interested), or I may built it for my daughter (who is currently only 10, so I have a few years to finish).

So what are your thoughts? I've never worked on a 70's Mustang, so what should I look out for? Any common problems or trouble spots? Any DIY fixes?

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