1973 Mexican Mach 1

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Nov 11, 2013
1973 Mexican Mach 1. Restoring this stang, need help to find a build sheet. Can anyone help??

Could be almost anywhere........ or not at all. It was a random thing more related to "what do I do w/ this pc of paper we no longer need, I know, I'll just stuff it under the carpet.....". Another got tossed in the garbage. So, yeah; under dash, carpet, seat upholstery, behind a trim panel; several choices to an assembly line worker desperate for time.

horse sence

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Nov 29, 1999
Wile Coyote's stunt double
The best one i have found was wrapped around the in dash wiring , but i have found them under the carpet ,in the front cross member on the radiator support ,behind the door panels and in side the seat. I found one inside the trunk lid by accident when i was blowing out dust and blew it to pieces .