1977 brakelight “problem”


Mar 28, 2018
Hello all!
Next question...
In the dash of the ‘77 Ghia is a light that turns on whenever it wants...
Maybe a stupid question, but what does it warn for?

The car brakes normal, booster works normal, no leaks, no missing brakefluid.
When you start the car, the light comes on, when you push the pedal hard, the light goes out. When you push in the pedal softly, to brake some, the light comes on.
I think it has to do with vacume, but what and where?
Can’t figure out what this light is telling me, so if you can explain me, please!
B6BD5018-812C-4283-90B7-5FDFE2BD4436.jpeg 05ECB486-D684-47C7-8C41-A473B95DF739.jpeg

Thank you!
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Aug 11, 2013
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The light can be triggered by the hand-brake, but with your symptoms it's most likely the 'pressure sensing switch.' The light comes on when the switch inside the distribution block tells it one side of the brake system has more pressure than the other, which would indicate a leak. Or of that's verifiably not the case, the switch could have gone 'off balance' due to an earlier leak (or even during bleeding) or become stuck due to some corrosion.

The distribution block is typically on the inner-fender not far from the master cylinder. It's basically just a slider inside the distribution block that makes contact with the switch when it moves too far to one side or the other based on the pressure differential. You might be able to re-center the slider with some creative bleeding. Pick a random wheel, have a helper press the brake, crack open a bleeder, close bleeder. If that doesn't help, retry the procedure on a wheel on the other side of the circuit. I've heard you can re-set the valve by removing the switch itself and manually moving the slider with a pick. With the loss of the mustangii forums I can't find a link to some good article that I'm certain once existed about this procedure. Perhaps one of the other good folks here will remember.

The last possibility could be a short in the wiring to the switch on the distribution block. This would be unlikely to come & go with braking however, but always a good idea to check connections and the condition of the harness.

Edit: another possibility is that you have an internal failure in the master cylinder, and the switch is giving you an accurate reading. you are the one to best know the condition of your m/c. if it brakes very well, and both front & rear brakes are working, then it's probably not the case.
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Mar 28, 2018
Thank you very much!!
This is an explanation which makes sence!
I even didn’t know the exsistance of that switch....
We will have a good look at this and report back when we find something.
Thanks again!!


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Aug 27, 2018
i've read about this problem with the 67+ models. The distribution block with its warning light stayed the same over the years. So here is a little bit more info about that: 67-dash-brake-light-won-t-turn-off
Some one suggest to test if the light goes off (when its on) when you disconnect the harness at the distribution block.


Mar 28, 2018
Thank you Extra_stout.
I’ve read that thread, some good tips there.
I’ll try the things mentioned and let you know how it went.
Could be some time before we get to it...


Mar 28, 2018
Well, I’ve found the problem..
It’s the mastercilinder.
When you slightly, real gentle tap on the brake, you feel the pedal slowly going down.
Inside the MC is a leak from the rear to the front chamber, no leaks to the outside.
When you step on the brake harder, you won’t feel this.
So, I ordered a new mastercilinder, safety first you know!

Thanks for all that gave tips and ideas!!
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