1979 ModFox 5.4 Twin Turbo Mach 1 Re-creation

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Dec 31, 2001
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This is a 1979 Mustang coupe with a 5.4 Twin Turbo Mod motor, Cobra IRS, and custom Mach 1 Styling.....Please read everything......serious inquiries ONLY.

It has come time to sell my car. I have reached the point with it where it is still fun to drive, but I can't be bothered tinkering with the few issues it has. It is way too fast for my liking and it needs to go to someone who will love it and take a little time to address a few things.

The car will need the following.......The fuel gauge works most of the time and sometimes it doesn't. I am leaning toward this being a ground problem, since for some reason the rear defroster stopped working as well. One of the Turbo oil return lines leaks slightly at the Turbo, it will need a new gasket, or some black rtv sealant. It needs the Toe and bumpsteer adjusted a little. The rear part of the headliner needs a small piece fabricated to help hold it. You'll have to see what I mean, it can't be described easily. It needs the fuel filler neck plastic thing to be bolted solid to the inner body of the car. I don't know why I never did that. It needs some attention to the rear panels and seat area of the interior...ther are a few screws missing, and there is a rattle coming from that area. The passenger tire rubs on the fender well. The A/C needs custom lines and condenser made for it if you want that to work again. The oil dipstick needs attention, again, you'd have to see what I mean. Finally, it need to be tuned. I have the commando tuning system, but never finished tuning it. It is a little too rich for safety reasons at this time.

(UPDATE 3/28/2011).....I have been fixing the above mentioned issues and is nearly complete....my goal is to make this a 100% issue free car for the next owner !!!! THIS CAR JUST WON ANOTHER FIRST PLACE TROPHY YESTERDAY!!!

This car WILL DRIVE ANYWHERE......I drove it to Florida and back last year. Here is the info on the car now........It started a COMPLETE 2004 mach 1 swap...All wiring, engine, tranny, suspension, brake lines, fuel lines etc etc......the only exception is an Independent rear from a Cobra. It now has a 5.4 Fully Forged Twin Turbo motor. The current mods are as follows:

5.4 DSS Forged Shortblock....DSS Girdle....MMR Oil Pump.....2004 Mach 1 heads ported......KarKraft intake adapters.....MMR Intake Spacer....MMR Oil Pan......Mach 1 Intake Manifold.....Mach 1 Throttle Body.....Complete 8 rib set up.....HPX MAF.....2 1/2" aluminum radiator with twin fans.....Sniper Weapon X Ignition Coils....FRPP 80lb Injectors.....Complete Aeromotive Eliminator Return Style fuel system......K27 Twin Turbos.....Custom headers, downpipes, NO mufflers, LX style tailpipes (you would never know it had IRS)........Air to Water intercooler....Mach 1 3650 5-speed.....Fidanza Aluminum Flywheel......McCleod Clutch.....Aluminum Driveshaft......I think that's it. Current engine only has around 800 miles on it, but I am still currently driving it when I get the chance.....so that will go up.

(Front) AJE K-member.....FRPP Fox A-Arms.......AGR Power steering Rack....Maximum Motorsports Extreme Bumpsteer kit.....H&R Springs Mach 1 Spindles and brakes.....slotted crossdrilled rotors......Tokiko struts.....BBK Camber Plates.
(Rear) Cobra IRS......3.27 gears.....Maximum Motorsports subframe bushings, control arm bushings, differential mount, swaybar bushings, complete tie rod kit, swaybar adjustable end links, 6 point differential brace......Stock 03 Cobra springs and brakes......slotted crossdrilled rotors.......Tokiko shocks.

The interior is VERY nice....There are only a couple small spots that need something fabricated to fill a little gap to seem factory. The defroster WORKS. It has the 2004 headliner and maplight that WORKS. The airbags work, the cruise control works, wipers, horn, power seats etc etc....ALL WORKS. Power door locks work, power windows work but are a little slow. It has aftermarket motors that don't seem quite as powerful. Oh...It has a Kenny Brown 6 point roll cage with the low slung door bars.....looks perfect in there. Hardly noticible. The ABS system no longer works because There was no room for it when the Turbos went in. I probably could have extended the lines and relocated it, but that could be a project for the future owner.

The Body is pretty decent. It is Factory color code L5 Azure Blue. It has some scratches and a few chips in it now from usage and from that bad wind storm we had here in NY last year. Good news is, I never fully wet sanded and buffed most of the car. There is a ton of clear coat to still wet sand out. There are no dents. Despite never fully wet sanding this car, it has STILL WON TROPHY's. Therefore, that should tell you that it looks pretty good, but NO...it is NOT perfect. Besides, I built the car to be a street car....NOT a show car. Yes I wanted it to look nice, but extreme cleanliness was not a priority. Comfort and Drivability was !!!

All the body styling was done to re-create a Mach 1 Mustang. Chin spoiler is from a 72 Mach 1, rear spoiler from a 69 Mach 1, Hood is an 04 Mach 1 grafted to a stock 86 hood. Shaker is a perfect fit. 04 Mach 1 wheels, and hard to find rear louvers for a coupe.

I think that's everything.....There really isn't much left to be done to make this car an issueless get in and go vehicle. I would'nt hesitate to drive this car every day as-is......it is smooth and runs like it should. There is ZERO traction at anything over 4000 RPM. I have not had it on the dyno yet.......it still needs tuning, so it would be a good idea to finish the tune first, or bring it to have it tuned. I do not race this car either. I have a bunch of extras that will go with the car as well. some things are.........Sniper 3000 MAF....6, 8, and 10 AN steel braided lines and fittings, Stock coils, and enough extra paint to paint the entire car again if you ever need to. This car was in the readers rides of 5.0 Mustang magazine, and when I drove it to Florida last year, I stoped to talk to the editor about a feature ride possibility. This car is not far from that point, and they are interested.....just FYI. It is also the April Car in the NY Mustangs Calander. The calander and the issue of 5.0 Mustang will go with the car as well.

The car is currently located in Shirley Long Island NY. It is ready for viewing at any time I am available. I am putting an asking price of $16,000. You can not build this car for less than that. The parts would cost you that, never mind the labor. Serious offers will be considered. I am actually thinking about a 64-66 Mustang.....So I may be open to trading for one. Thank you all for reading this. I will try to get more recent pics this as soon as I can.

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May 6, 2006
how about a 2 for 1 trade?? I have a 97 cobra, 65K and a 85 coupe with a bigblock in it....

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