1. C

    Wiring a battery relocated to trunk

    My fox was in the middle of having the battery relocated to the trunk when I purchased it. I made a batter box for the new battery and mounted in the trunk of my notch. I have a 1/0 power cable and a 1/0 ground cable ran into the trunk. The power cable is blue and this goes to the starter...
  2. N

    Electrical 89 lx 4 to 8 with a 93 harness

    I know, I know. Another guy with the wrong parts trying to make it work. Well… I did make it work. Sorta. I have an 89 lx 4cyl that I swapped in a 93 5.0 along with the 93 ecu and harness while keeping the 89 body harness. With some wire jumping I did get the car to run and drive great with the...
  3. M


    Hey yall, came across a problem with the taillights and fog lights. For some reason when looking at my taillights, my turn signals work, my brake lights work, but when I turn my headlights on, my taillights fail to turn on. Is there a reason why everything works up until I turn my headlights on...
  4. R

    Electrical Wiring power from trunk to front

    I've posted this question before on another forum but I think the approval system is bugged as I'm still waiting for my post to be posted. I would like to relocate the starter relay terminal to the trunk where my battery is in my 88 mustang. I have also been doing a fresh installation of all...
  5. R

    Electrical Fox Body Fuel Pump Issues

    Hey everyone! new here, just recently bought a 1990 Fox Body lx hatch with a 5.0. The cars engine was blown up and then replaced with another 5.0 by a shop, but the shop couldn't get it running/customer couldn't afford more labor to fix it. they were suspect of the ecu so I popped it open, found...
  6. V

    Electrical 4cyl to 5.0 tachometer wiring

    I recently got an 85 coupe that was swapped from 4cyl to 5.0. Im trying to get the tach to work. The red wire with green stripe is going to the positive on the coil and the green with white dots is going to the negative. Still doesn’t work. How do I wire the tach up?
  7. B

    1980 foxbody - pressing switch for high beams causing engine to cut out

    I've been chasing an issue ive been having with my 1980 mercury capri (four eye fox) with an 87 302 swapped in . As the title states most times when I press pull the stock back for the high beams the vehicles voltage drops and causes the engine to either almost or completely stall. This happens...
  8. Z

    4.2 Intake Manifold need help

    Hello all, I’m pretty new to the forum and this is my first post. I have a 2004 3.9 V6 and I swapped the upper intake manifold from a 4.2 onto it. I pretty clearly made a mistake, as my car now thinks it is at 18% throttle position (checked with live feed obd2 reader) when I’m completely off the...
  9. N

    Logistics of running 4 fog lights?

    Hey guys, I've been using stangnet for a while and I had a question but couldn't find any post online about it so I decided to make an account. I saw a really nice customer pic of a s197 running quad fog lights on American Muscle. I'd imagine this wouldn't be very difficult other than just...
  10. 93CalypsoConvert

    Help With Ignition Problem

    Hello, I'd like to begin with saying this is my first post, so let me know if I'm doing something wrong here. The other day I bought a 1993 Calypso Green convertible and its got some problems I can't quite put my finger on yet. The car was originally a 2.3 5 speed, but the previous owner...
  11. 8

    Electrical No power to ignition trigger wire at solenoid.

    I have an 88 lx original V8 car that I’m putting a 5.0 in. I connected everything and yesterday when I put the solenoid on and turn the key I get a two lights on the dash but nothing happens. I put a test light to the solenoid and I’m only getting power on one side. The side where the starter...
  12. N

    Help identifying 12 volt ignition wire

    I have a 2014 v6 stang and I wanna install a hot licks exhaust well I already have it I can’t find the 12 volt ignition coil wire I need to tap into, I haven’t found anything please help a wording diagram would be perfect
  13. M

    Not sure where to ask -HELP - Electrical Issues with 2005 mustang, was headlights and now wipers also random radio coming on without keys

    We got it for my daughter in Feb and instantly spent $1500 on fixing wiring. The headlights do not work on high if they are turned on. Low beams work but when you click to turn high they go off completely. After $1500 that still doesn't work correctly but enough to get by.... The wipers went...
  14. 8

    Electric fan problem

    So I tried installing an sve dual electric fan myself, mind you I’ve never done any wiring on a car before, and I think I may have shorted it out but idk. The car won’t crank at all. I ordered a 130 amp alternator as well which I probably should’ve put in first but I wasn’t thinking so yeah...
  15. wbrockstar

    Help Needed To Identify Wiring Component On Hanger At Fuel Pump

    Im trying to help someone id a component thats connected to their fuel pump hanger in a 94 Mustang GT.Ive searched for hours and still haven't come up with one image that appears like the one below.Not sure if its an item that came factory on the car or possibly aftermarket?? Does anyone with a...
  16. 9

    Coyote swap alternator wiring

    I have a 97 Cobra with a coyote swap and coyote control pack. For some reason the alternator bracket is for a 4g alternator and reverse mounted on the front of the motor. The alternator has a 3 pin plug (LG/R, WHT/BLK, and Y wires) the white/black wire usually goes to a stator plug, but this...
  17. F

    Electrical 2003 Mustang GT - Brake and Blink Fuses Blow

    I have a 2003 GT Convertible and randomly it blows 3 fused all at once. I can't pinpoint the situation when it blows. It seems totally random during driving. I try and replicate it in my garage by hitting the brakes, using the turn signals. Holding the brakes, and hitting the turn signals etc...
  18. R

    1966 Mustang Coupe Wiring

    So I’m wiring up factory style fog lights on my 1966 Mustang, and I’m at the part where I have to splice the blue/black wire of the fog light wiring harness into a power source. I’ve read that instead of splicing into the main harness, I could instead use the post at the back of the ignition...
  19. 9

    97 Cobra Coyote Swap Alternator Issue

    I have a 97 Cobra with a 2012 Coyote swap. I just had to buy a new alternator. Both alternators are the 97 style due to the Power By Hour bracket. The old alternator didn’t have a stator plug but the new one does. The grey 3 prong plug from the car has a blk/wht wire but instead of running to a...
  20. R

    1966 Coupe Radio Wiring

    I have a USA-740 modern radio that I’m wanting to install. The power cords for the radio are: -A red one that needs power only when the vehicle is running -A yellow that needs a slow trickle of power constantly even when the car is not running -And a ground I found a black cable with a...