1984 Mustang Rear Shocks

That is insane. Literally a two hour project in a driveway with the proper tools and by proper I mean an impact would be nice but you can do it with hand tools.

I agree it's an easy job, but I believe the OP said he's 86.

At this point he's at the mercy of shop rates, and it is what it is. I think that's a tad high, but honestly, i'm seeing folks fork over $1K+ to shops to swap out springs on various vehicles these days, so i'm a bit out of touch with going labor rates.
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The hard part for a guy your age (87?) Would be getting to the top of the shocks inside the trunk, I would get your friend to do it, 200 bucks is a little stiff but I can understand the costs of operating a shop in todays economy.
I am completely aware of the OP's age but my dad is 82 and still turns wrenches so I still see the world through his glasses. Hopefully I am crawling in an out of the trunk of cars when I am his age. I need to start training a kid in my neighborhood the ways of the dark side so I can have him do this crap for me at third the cost of a shop. I feel that is fair being it would be in my shop and using my tools.
I just swapped out my rear shocks, changed the rear springs and removed the quads (for my torque arm).
Yes i have a lift with a hydraulic slide jack, so that does make it easier.
Took about a total of 45 minutes and i am not a professional mechanic.
I also did it without removing the rear wheels and they are pretty wide and i had to take off one bolt from the panhard bar rod.

I bet the shocks and quads could be done without a jack at all.

So yes $300 is high, but if there is no option B, i guess it is what it is.