1985 Mustang EFI Hard Gas Pedal


New Member
May 14, 2019
Hey guys, I have a recently purchased 85 5.0 LX with the CFI/EFI HO and AOD trans. The car has a weird gas pedal issue that I best can describe as it feel hard to push. essentially you can't ease into it like a normal car you have to apply more than average pressure to get it to break through then it surges forth. I have checked all the linkages, everything is moving freely, I soaked all the springs down with WD40 as well. I removed the throttle body and cleaned it with throttle body cleaner, cleaned all the electrical connections with electrical cleaner and replaced them with dielectric grease in them. When I removed the TB it looked clean and the butterflies moved freely. The car only have 58k miles. at this point i suspect the TB's electrical and or vacuum components are junk but i don't know enough about this system to tell for sure. Any ideas on what else to try? the car has one code for evap which i assume is only hoses which are dry rotted.
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