1986 Wont Start When Hot / Rich


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Nov 28, 2018
Got a 1986 mustang just done a mas air conversion. Had some problems getting it to run at first but finally got it to start run after swapping around a few A9Ls that I had. Since the swap the car seemed to be running correct. The mass air was installed due to a cam change. The car will start and run great when cold but will not start after it comes up to operating temp. Also the car smells like gas. Changed the coil and checked for fire at the plug. Getting fire!! Check timing and it's set at 13. The advanced timing seems to be working properly. Currently I'm running 93 gas. Currently the car is a fresh 306 with a 303 cam. The car is running on a stock A9L and has no current tunes.

Wont start when hot!
Smells rich
Getting Fire
New coil
New Plugs / Wires
12-13 volts on charging system
ideal is set around 900-1100 ( Car dose surge at low rpms when cold but stays smooth after warming up)
24 psi injectors
mass air flow for 24 psi injectors
Starter is new but original
bbk headers
new o2 on both sides of headers
new tps set at 1 volt
erg is hooked up
no vac leaks that I know of.
2.5 inch exhaust no cats with flow masters
new fuel pump (factory) car holds about 32 psi running or at ideal

What am I missing. Would a tune fix this? This car will flat out run cold or hot but will not start for several hours after hot and smells very rich at ideal!!! ??????
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