Electrical 1988 2.3L EFI to 1992 2.3L EFI engine


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Sep 1, 2018
South Carolina
I need help, I changed my engine, wiring harness for the engine, and computer in my 1988 convertible lx, to a 1992 model, I have it hooked up but it won’t turn over!
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Jan 10, 2011
Well first off the engines are, well, different.

1992 had DIS (no distributor)-it has a crankshaft position sensor that reads off of the front pulley. The sensor is mounted to the front seal holder. You can put a distributor in it and do away with the DIS BUT you also have to swap some other stuff around as well. 92 also had 8 spark plugs which was powered from the DIS module that mounts to the intake manifold. So you have to remove all of that too. For these reasons, the '92 harness won't quite work in the '88 car unless it's repinned and the harness modified. Sorta similar to doing a '87-'88 TC engine swap into a '90-'93 Mustang.

If you're using it in a '88 car, you will have to use the '88 harnesses, distributor, everything...and I also suggest using the alternator and power steering brackets for the '88.