engine swap

  1. D

    V6 to v8 swap no crank, no fuel issue.

    I have a 1996 mustang v6 that I swapped a 1998 mustang v8 engine and trans into. I bought a 98 donor car that ran and drove and did the drop the cradle method. After the swap was done, I couldn’t get the car to start, but it would indeed crank. (There was no theft light) after some more research...
  2. H

    8 bolt crank to 6 bolt crank swap????

    Need help I am putting a new engine I a 02 gt and I can’t seem to get the flex plate situation sorted out. You see the engine I got as a replacement has a 8 bolt crank but the 02 has a 6 bolt therefore I cannot just swap the Flexplate over. Well I bought a new 8 bolt Flexplate that supposedly...
  3. gonzo.ayres

    1980-1982 4.2 V8 to 5.0 V8 swap

    OK so I have spent the last hour online trying to figure this out with no solid info on the 4.2L V8. There is a 1980 Mercury Capri RS for sale, with said 4.2L V8, that I am very interested in picking up. As most of us know 1980 into mid 1982 the Ford fox platform had the 4.2L V8 ... not the 5.0...
  4. O

    Engine swap

    I have a 2000 mustang gt and the front end was hit leaving the struts forward bent, I found a v6 mustang a year newer that’s blown up but the body is immaculate on it, any advice on swapping my engine and transmission into the v6 mustang? I know obviously engine, tranny, cluster, ecu, but other...
  5. D

    Engine Looking for advice on a cobra swap into a gt

    Hi everyone, I have a 2002 mustang gt with a manual trans, fairly stock except some new suspension, cai, and mufflers I've put on it. Anyway, I've got a friend willing to sell me a 97 Cobra engine that's been bored to 289 and has a rebuilt bottom end that I plan to swap into my mustang. I'm...
  6. R

    Electrical Engine Swap HELP

    I have 2 2003 Mustang GT’s. One of which was crashed previously avoiding a heading on collision with a drunk driver, the other I picked up with a blown motor but mint condition body. In order to make it easy to identify which mustang I am talking about here I’ll identify them as: Mustang A...
  7. S

    2009 4.0 V6 Mustang - Engine Removal + Replacement

    Hello, This is my first forum post, I've been searching around for tutorials specific to my model Mustang, but found nothing so here I am lol. I have had my Mustang for about 10 months now, had a thermostat housing go and lost all my coolant. I was 80 miles from home and I used water instead of...
  8. ProjectDemon

    Engine 2010 Gt coyote swap

    Hey everyone, I’m getting tired of my 4.6. I bought the wrong year so I’m looking into a coyote swap. What are some issues I can expect to run into and all the part kits I’ll need (i.e. the crate engine, engine harness, etc)? Would I be able to use any coyote engine year from 2011-2018? Any info...
  9. 8

    Electrical 1988 2.3L EFI to 1992 2.3L EFI engine

    I need help, I changed my engine, wiring harness for the engine, and computer in my 1988 convertible lx, to a 1992 model, I have it hooked up but it won’t turn over!
  10. B

    98 v6 engine swap with 95 v6?

    My son's engine died in his 98 Mustang Base with v6 3.8L automatic. We are looking for used engines on the net to see if we can swap it out. What problems would we run into if we pulled the engine out and replaced it with a 3.8L out of a 95 Mustang? I found one that is already pulled. The seller...
  11. B

    Electrical 2007 GT Auto to Manual Swap - engine not starting

    We just did a swap from automatic to manual in our Mustang. Even the wiring harness for the whole car was swapped, and it won't start. Brake lights, headlights, and interior roof lights come on, but no accessories and no cranking of the engine - don't even hear the fuel pump priming. The...
  12. M

    351 Swap on a 95

    So I've been poking around and doing a little research, and I was curious to know if there are any real benefits to doing a 351 swap. It seems the most I'll get out of it is higher torque and a higher displacement. Other than that, I don't see any real reason to. Though I am interested
  13. T

    SN95 Sn95 351w Swap To 408 Stroker

    hey guys, so at the moment I have the factory 302 with 80,000 miles on the mustang. love the car but its to slow. So after this deployment I want to throw a a stroked 351w to 408 CID. looking for someone who's done the same thing as me and what they recommend. heres what I want: 1. Keeping the...
  14. P

    Engine Swap???

    Sup Fellow stang members So I have a question about doing engine swap I'm looking to buy a new engine fully assembled or just getting a good running engine off the street. My question is do I have to do anything like adjust the timing chain or make cylinder 1 at TDC or anything like that or...
  15. ConnorM37

    2000 Gt Engine Swap- In Progress

    Greetings everybody. Im new here and my mechanical experience is not very extensive. I have a nice 2000 gt that I love and it needs an engine swap. I feel like I know my car well enough though to work on it myself. I was close to selling it but I couldn't let a car like this slip out of my...
  16. T

    429 Swap?

    Hey guys, young builder her looking for some advice. I currently have a 68 coupe with a 289, and am looking at a 429 4v from an early 70's ford 800 truck. Just wondering what the difference was form the truck 429 to the car 429, and if it was even worth considering swapping it.
  17. Ethan Keirn

    I Need Advice!

    Hello! New here, I am a young enthusiast that is eager to learn about cars, I recently bought a 1998 GT with a 5 speed and the 4.6 V8, I am contemplating swapping in a 302 as their parts are cheaper and easier to obtain, from what I have been reading its prettt expensive/difficult to build a...
  18. cmerk27

    1998 Mustang Gt Engine Swap. I Need Help!

    I hope I am posting this in the correct area. I searched for a while on the different engine swap forums and I couldn't find the exact thing I was looking for so I apologize in advance if I missed the correct thread and I am making a duplicate thread. Anyways, I have a manual 1998 Mustang GT...
  19. O

    99 To A 95 Engine Swap

    So I have a 99 automatic v6 engine. Can I put it in a 95 that previously had a v6 manual. The transmission is still in the 95.
  20. T

    Engine Swap 1996-2004 Need Advice

    I have a 1996 mustang Gt that has a bad motor in it, I am going to be swapping it out with a low mileage complete engine from a 2004 both being romeo engines, I want to use as many of the new engine parts as possible with that being said what I am i looking at here? is my fuel system and wiring...