1990 5.0 wiring help


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May 1, 2010
I have a 1990 5.0 gt and the wire harness coming around the fire wall towards the battery, coil, etc, towards the drivers side front. There are a few wires in the harness, that do wherever, but my concern is that there are three wires tied together going into one wire that grounds to the engine compartment. When I got the car he said there was spark issues, would that be the cause? It has a hard time starting then runs crappy and dies out. Please help? Thanks
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There is a yellow wire that branches off to 3 or 4 black wires with a fusible link that provides power to the car, I am sure it is not that one. What are spark issues? Have you done a tune up on it? Are the plug wires arching? How do the cap and rotor look? Hows the timing? Check the coil? I would rule out these first.

A member here has really good electrical info on his site. Here is the link to the wiring schematic: http://www.veryuseful.com/mustang/tech/engine/images/fuel-alt-links-ign-ac.gif and here is the link to the others: Mustang FAQ - Engine Information

Good luck.