For Sale 1994 cobra coupe, 150k mi, 5spd, 5.0L, $5k obo, Ewing, NJ


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Oct 9, 2019
Ewing, NJ
Hi everyone,

I'm around Ewing, NJ, and am looking to sell my 1994 cobra, I'm the 3rd owner and have had the car since 2004, putting about 70k miles on it in total, mostly as daily driver. Asking $5,000 obo. I stopped driving this car regularly after June 2018, but kept up with weekly start-ups and maintenance drives.

Cons (needs fixing)
  1. Odometer stopped working in 2018
  2. Front driver's side wheel hums after recent brake line repair - planning to get this fixed soon
  3. Front seat has rip in lumbar and the underside of the butt cushion, and in general the front seats could use replacing (their color faded - have a green-ish tint these days)
  4. Radio can give a buzz due to a loose wire every now and again
  5. Radio/cd player stopped working, replaced with aftermarket head unit (still have the original stock radio and cd player, they just need some attention by someone more skilled than me)
  6. 25 year old car - the paint is starting to chip, have done spot coverage as-needed to prevent damage to the body
  1. 3rd owner, owned for the past 15 years, know everything wrong with the car (listed above)
  2. all-stock motor, no major repairs in its lifetime thus far, runs strong
  3. Black leather interior still in great shape (rear seats - see image)
  4. New floor mats, 2016
  5. New wheels and tires, 2016 (only about 2k miles on them)
  6. New alternator, Spring of 2018
  7. New brakes, rotors, pads Spring of 2018
  8. New brake lines, Fall 2019
  9. New battery, Fall 2019
  10. Radiator replaced, 2014
  11. 25 year old car - qualifies for historic insurance in NJ and no DMV inspections required
Miscellaneous info
  1. No accidents (verifiable via Carfax etc.)
  2. New air conditioner as of 2012 (still works great)
  3. Trans failed at 100k miles back in 2009, had a rebuilt trans installed by a ford dealer our family knows, been running smooth since (50k mi since)


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