1995 Mustang cobra header setup


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Jul 28, 2023
Hello im hoping to find some guidance here. I have a 1995 mustang cobra 5.0. My exhaust system is a discontinued one through bassani. i have it bassani from cat back. I held off on getting the headers at the time and im paying the price. My car calls for 5094c bassani headers. I have found 5093c bassani headers which is for the fox body models. Anybody ever attempt this or think it can fit? Its across the county and costly. Any help is appreciated, thank you.
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I've moved this over to SN95 Talk.

Welcome aboard and good luck! :nice:

As a note toward your issue: You don't have to stick to Bassani. Most of the exhaust in my Fox is Bassani but I've also got it mixed with another brand midpipe.

What you need to know is whether you want to go Long Tubes or Shorties.

Are there any significant mods to the engine?
Agreed, mixing brands is ok on our cars. If you have and like your Cat back then whatever headers you get that fit will be fine and shouldn't sound different.
If you still have the stock 2-1/4" catted h-pipe shorty headers are a waste of money. You need to move up to a 2-1/2" either H or X pipe to realize the gains of of headers. You will have to do this with long tubes as the stock H-pipe will not work with them.
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