1996 GT w/ Fluidyne radiator + Mishimoto dual fans??? HELP


New Member
Feb 18, 2004
hey guys,
I have a 1996 GT vert. I have my Fluidyne installed and I just saw that mishimoto sells a aluminum shroud dual fan for 97 - 99. I dont feel right with putting something that says "mishimoto" on my mustang, but besides that, what does everyone think of them? and would the 97-99 dual fan fit a 96 or a fluidyne radiator? from looking around, is the issue the abs thats in the way? if thats the case can it be moved? Im just throwing this out there to hope to find someone also with a 96 and same issue. HELP!? :shrug:
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if anyone is interested in this combo for the 96 GT, it does work, the trick is order the dual fan set up for the 94 - 95, its the same size , fits perfect. the fans for the 97-99 will hit the abs unit, lines, etc. looks great, works great.