19lbs enough?

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19 lbs should make 375 hp.

I have 19 # injectors on my stang and they work well. I had 24# injectors the car ran rich and stunk of fuel. The mods Edelbrock intake, heads, 2.02/ 1.90 .545 lift, bored 30 over, MSD ignition, and so on. I don't race so others would say go with the 24#. To little fuel is more dangerous than to much. Starve a motor of fuel, tached out, baboom!! If its a daily driver with basic mods, 19# work. Occasionally I beat her and things are fine, good luck. One more thing get a good fuel presure reg. I run my a hair under 40lbs.

Stick with the 19's for better driveablility, throttle response, and milelage. You'll be fine with 19's. My car ran much better with the 19's, but i never had it on the dyno with them to see what the A/F ratio was like.

Of coarse, if you feel the need to step up to 24's, get a good meter from pro-M or the new guys that took over. A crappy matched meter even with a chip burned is still not good.