2 05's avail in so cal.


New Member
Sep 30, 2004
Vista, CA
Just got off the phone with my dealer cheaking on my order for 06 and he said they have two 05 GT's avail now. Im not sure of the details but one is red is avail now and one is black that should be coming in in a week or two.

You can email Kevin Clyde at [email protected]

The dealership is in vista ca.

Just a heads up to those of you still looking for one
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I've already got mine, but I still glance at the lots when I drive by... The GT are not abundant, but I still see them. (I'm in the L.A. area) The dealer in Long Beach on Cherry (near 36th) had 2 GT verts and 1 GT coupe last time I drove by...
I don't know what they are asking though...