2.1 Kenne Bell 95 Cobra Electrical Prob.


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Jun 7, 2013
So here goes, i have a 95 cobra 2.1 KB, car has 97993 miles on it, the other day i was driving the car, pulled into the parking lot, stopped got out went in to grad a pack of smokes. came back out tried to crank the car and noticed the starter was lagging a bit, thought well maybe the battery is a little weak, so i drove it around and the voltage was normal! parked the car went in for the night, came out the next morning and tried to crank the car and all i heard was clicking, like the solenoid was going bad, but she finally turned over and i continued about my day. well the problem started getting worse and eventually the car would not crank, checked the battery 12.48 volts pulling 5.6 amps ( optima yellow top), i went back and forth so i finally replaced the starter, and it started burning up the battery ground form the neg to the chassis, so i went from a 10 gauge to 6 gauge, and she turned over on the first hit, wouldnt stay cranked so i checked the timing, it was advanced 6 degrees, backed it down and she ran fine. The next day went out and nothing, the battery was dead, pulling 30 mAmps, so i went and grabbed the battery from my 03 cobra which was around 12.88 v, still the clicking, so today i went our pulled the starter, redone the ground and when i went to crank it it sounded like something along the line of electrical pulses around the coil and distributor, but only 2 clicks on the solenoid! so i gave up trying to chase wires and decided to seek help...... can anyone help me? is it a short to ground, if so where are the most common areas??? i might also add i pulled the ignition switch and the alternator and the starter and checked short to ground and the pos cable was pulsing on the test light?? please if anyone has a solution or just a gerneral guide to what i need to do and where i need to look i would appreciate it very much. thank you for your time!!
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I would check and/or replace the battery to engine and engine to chassis grounds especially if they are the original feeds. Probably a lots of internal corrosion under the sheathing. These grounds should be 0 gauge wires. It sounds like the 10 gauge (now 6 gauge) wire to the chassis is the primary circuit.