2 random iphone shots of my car


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Nov 29, 1999
rainy day yesterday, leaving my shop... and the gauge is 15 mins ago.. just felt like whoring a bit nothing special here :flag:


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on ebay from a seller names xenonhidworlds. ive been usinghim for three years with all my diffrent cars and ive only had one ballast go bad on me ever.. 88.00 bucks deliverd. the only thing i hate is they look diffrent colors but there not . the headlights are smoked so it changes the bulb color a little.. im gonna order smoked housings for the bottom soon enough though...
just came in from changing all the pads, rotating tires, and greasing up all the caliper slides.... she needs struts , shocks, endlinks, bj's , and sway bar bushings.... not bad for only being changed once in its life....